Transfer by private van from Castle Nantouillet to Paris airports


Castle Nantouillet Castle is built by a French Chancellor at the time . At this time, the fortress of the first French Renaissance had a unique value because it was built in the capital of France .



Description Castle Nantouillet

The castle is surrounded mainly by three main buildings that give its rectangular shape to his court . It is decorated with a theme of French renaissance . Its interior is decorated with very high architectural decoration . The facades of the courtyard and outside are surrounded by flat pilasters , naked and without capitals . These pilasters rising from the ground to the cornice to accentuate the medieval Castle . The particularity of this historic home was the marriage of the renaissance and medieval decoration, but rejuvenated by its architect . The Castle was , at that time , worthy of a historical monument of the French capital.

Unfortunately, today the castle is in a pitiful state . It is no longer the famous French monument . However, it remains and dominates in the history of France and is still the pride of the city.



History of Castle Nantouillet

Built based on a feudal theme this Nantouillet Castle was built by the famous Antoine Drupat , Chancellor of France at the time. Owning hotels on the French territory , it has chosen to make this castle their home fields .

It occupied a square quadrangle enclosed by low buildings, with its western side and a driveway gate and a pedestrian gate . Above it , sat a Jupiter , it seems, reflected the traits François premier.Enfin a brick tower almost gave the ruined castle all its nobility . And finally , the most interesting one home was installed in the bottom of the Castle courtyard .

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Transfer by private van from Castle Nantouillet to Paris airports

Castle Nantouillet is located 42.6 km from Paris . This destination is 55.1 miles from Orly Airport 11.4 km from Charles- de- Gaulle Airport and 89.1 miles from Beauvais Tille .

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