Transfer from Charles de Gaulle airport to Autrêche


History of Autreche

Located in the department of Indre-et-Loire and the Centre region, Autreche is common in France. The town was totally ransacked during the First World War it was bisected by a front line in three years. The damage caused was significant that it took several years to recover.


Tourism and activities in Autreche

Autreche is an ideal tourist spot to make new discoveries. It has a remarkable heritage that is the subject of tourist attraction. You are invited to explore the historic sites and monuments Autreche.

The abbey of Fontaine-Les-White is a monastery which was built in the thirteenth century. The Abbey was sold during the French revolution and national well become a part of which was destroyed. It was listed as a historic monument since 14 September 1949. You may also see the church of St. Martin was built in the ninth and twelfth centuries. It is home to a virgin pain dating from the sixteenth century and a baptismal font of the twelfth century and several statues. Do not miss visiting the house of the abbey home and hide.

The common Autreche offers its municipal library to change ideas. Also, to go out, you might enjoy a visit to the reserve Beaumarchais. You will find the animal park Beaumarchais Safari Train to even game, deer, bison, etc.. You can also stroll in the gardens of the Château de Chenonceau and Garden Prébendes of Oe.

For a successful visit to the city Autreche, our transfer service offers to a tourist trip to this destination. We are at our disposal three kinds of car including private car, luxury car VIP and group transfers. A skilled driver will be at your service throughout the course.

Transfer from Autreche to Paris airports

Autreche is located 25 km northeast of Saint-Pierre-des-Corps and 179 km from Paris. It is located 204 km from Orly airport, 236 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 304 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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