Transfer from Explorers Hotel Disneyland to Paris airports


Stay and visit to the Explorers Hotel Disneyland 

This 3 star complex is managed by a famous explorer Sir Archibald de sloppy. It is located not far from Disneyland and in a beautiful setting, specifically in Magny-le-Vallee. The manager offers a better stay in his humble sanctuary you with different choices that will amaze you.
For the rooms, you can choose between five categories according to the number of people. Following "crew" can support 4 to 10 people. In general, they have beds according to your wishes. They each have televisions in different channels, a bathroom and a separate toilet. Hair dryers are also available to occupants during their stay. Moreover, the rooms are heated and ventilated.
Lodges "fit" is only for two people and they are comfortable. They include a sofa and two beds.
The third category of "executive" is composed of office room, living room with sofa, free connection, unlike the first two.
"The suites at Captain’s Quarters" are both refined style and adventure. Rather, they are intended for explorers and can accommodate more than 5 people. They are divided into three areas: the living room, the captain’s lodge and an adjoining room.
The latter choice multitudes according to the theme of your desires and especially suitable for children.
The menu prices vary depending on age and minors will receive a discount.
Enjoy their many services, among others, a free shuttle will be available for a private transfer to the hotel and other sites like the park or railway station, swimming pool, playgrounds and fitness as well as shops that will be stored.
If you have a car, parking is free.

Explorers Hotel shuttle to Disneyland
Magny-le-Vallee to Paris-Orly airport, there is a distance of 45 km. This is 57 minutes. If we landed at Charles de Gaulle airport, you must walk 36 km and the travel time is 47 minutes. Travel time of Magny-le-Vallee to Paris Beauvais airport is 1 hour 31 minutes. What makes a distance of 111 km.


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