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Formerly medieval fortress Gauthier, the Château de la Chapelle acquired its name when it was acquired by the Prince of Conde. Fallen into the hands of successive owners, the Château de la Chapelle is now the town hall of the municipality Chapelle- Gauthier. It is a private property of the municipality .



Description Castle Chapel

When purchasing the Castle by the Prince of Conde, it has restored the house and gave him another look. Previously , buildings framed courtyard and a dungeon . The castle was then razed to the first floor level , the four towers which composed were demolished. The tower has also been deleted. The Prince also redone all the facades of the court. He also shaved the square towers and loopholes that were used to beat the drawbridge Eastern Castle. Prince Conde also restored the stairs of the fortress. In short , the Prince built the castle at will.

Located in the town of La Chapelle- Gautier in the department of Seine-et- Marne , the Château de la Chapelle is the pride of the region. It is not a visitable historic property but is, against the town hall of his town.



History of the Château de la Chapelle

From the nineteenth century , the castle changed ownership succession. At that time , the house was purchased by dealer furniture already changed his appearance. It destroys all fireplaces, paintings and grids that were there . In 1867, the furniture dealer sold the property to an antique dealer .

In 1872, a former butcher took over the castle. The new owner , with her daughter, has restored the castle an appearance worthy of the name . They aménagèrent a park around the property. They have even bought land surrounding the castle in order to give the royal look it deserves. During the war from 1914 to 1918 , the castle has hosted all the wounded and the dead. The house was converted into a hospital. After the war, the family Ziegel restores . During World War II , the castle was again destroyed and suffered tremendous damage.

Finally, in 1984, the city bought the castle and made ​​major rehabilitation and in fact the city hall .

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Transfer from the Château de la Chapelle to Paris airports

Castle Chapel is located at 193 km from Paris . This destination is 201 km from Orly airport to 208 km from the airport Charles de Gaulle Airport and 165 km from Paris Beauvais airport .

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