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History and visit the Place de la Republique in Paris
The famous Place de la French Republic is located at the edge of three districts with the 3rd, 10th and 11th. Rectangular in shape, it is still the rallying point for all those who felt their voices heard. Events of all kinds, show or just a place to sit and meet, this place is definitely a real book which still writing and even the history of France since the last two centuries. République is the nearest place with 5 subway lines that pass by daily. Most Parisian axes also lead instead. It is also possible to make or take a bike from one of the four stations velib close as the Republic station 23, the stock market work station or the station Temple Republic. The place is open day and night.

The Republic Square has not always been this rectangular shape. Initially, it is a major intersection. Around 1811, it adorned the center of the intersection of Chateau d’Eau fountain of Girard, where he was given his first name, Place du Château d’Eau until 1879. This fountain was replaced in 1867 by another larger, this time Davioud. The intersection turned up. Very soon, with benches and trees, Parisians were pleased to walk there. During the Second Empire Paris was a great architectural and artistic upheaval, buildings and streets surrounding the square underwent dramatic changes, which made change at the same time as the place becoming a rectangle. The idea of ​​giving him the form PROVINT offices of Baron Haussmann. During these 200 years of history, instead saw the creation of the Boulevard de la République therein uncorked or Boulevard Voltaire. Famous buildings were built around the shops as meeting or the Theatre History Alexandre Dumas which unfortunately no longer exists. There was also the barracks of Prince Eugene and the Chateau d’Eau barracks built in 1854 on the site where found the Vauxhall and diorama. The barracks was a strategic location for the protection of the city of Paris. Thousands of troops on duty in the capital could meet there quickly. Still standing, it became the offices of the Republican Guard.

The iconic building of the place is undoubtedly the monument of the Republic. In 1879, he was the subject of a national contest that fell on the creation of a work used as a symbol for the French Republic, we would thereafter the center of the square. The winners were the brothers Maurice. The base and the statue measure them two 24.50 m. The statue represents Marianne and the base is surrounded by statues symbolizing liberty, equality and fraternity. The column is richly decorated with garlands of bronze. Each side of the base are highlighted 12 major events in French history. Finally, at the foot of Marianne, at ground level is a statue of a lion. In January 2008, the site has again been a major international competition for a full redesign of its architecture. The inauguration of the new face of the Place de la République was held in June 2013.

Transfer shuttle taxi to the Place de la Republique in Paris
The Republic Square is located 22.2 kilometers from Orly Airport, 26.9 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 84.9 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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