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History and visit Parvis Notre-Dame in Paris
Parvis Notre-Dame is located on the Ile de la Cité political and religious center in the fourth district. It is a historical and spiritual monument. Parvis is derived from the Latin word Paradisius paradise. It is an open area in front of the west front. The center of the ancient Lutetia is located on the Ile de la Cité. The Gauls occupy the place in the second century BC, and the Romans Julius Caesar in 52 BC. It is a spiritual heritage for the oldest traces of music from the sixth century are still preserved together with the rites of the liturgy and hymns very bold style multi layered voices. The cathedral seems to be radiant, music predominates with its hearings and organ recitals, master of the concert, with a requirement enforced by all the artists of Notre Dame.

The music players such as choirs, organists, choir directors and choirmaster ensure the splendor of offices, it is a reason for visitors to Our Lady seldom remain unaffected. Parvis Notre-Dame is surrounded as follows: to the west by the Police attached to the Directorate of the National Police, to the south by a long French river Seine measuring 777 km to the north by one of the oldest the Parisian hospitals Dieu Hospital. It is subject to an annual attendance of 20 million visitors and worshipers come to give a soul to this magnificent building. It is also a popular destination for tourists, they come to contemplate firsthand one of the most famous buildings of Paris. Notre Dame Cathedral is visible from the deck of the Archdiocese, the John XXIII and the Seine square. A fountain of the Virgin was created in the center of the square Jean XXIII in 1845 with the aim of supplying piped water the Ile de la Cité, but it was destroyed in 1748.

Parvis Notre-Dame is occupied by large groups for a space of 1,200 m². To the west is a kind of ephemeral tower 13 meters high. Inside, three windows allocated. Above the ground, an esplanade of 5.50 meters. The mayor of Paris gave the place name John Paul II Parvis in 2006 to pay tribute to famous died April 2, 2005 Pope. This naming has been a grand ceremony attended by the mayor of the time Bertrand Delanoë, the Archbishop André Vingt-Trois. The Parvis of Notre-Dame Cathedral is dismissed on the esplanade John Paul II with the presence of the archaeological crypt and the status of Charlemagne created during the reign of Napoleon III, it is a symbol of the history of the uniqueness of France and Germany.

The archaeological crypt is a Parisian museum located below the Notre Dame Cathedral. It contains archaeological remains of the nineteenth century, located during excavations prior to the construction of the park which is in the basement. The archaeological crypt has been undergoing renovations, archaeologists have conducted a thorough cleaning remains as strong point with 3D digital technology to update a lot of coins of the fourth century found between the slabs baths. Engravings, models and touch screens are available to give visitors the opportunity to see the different stages of the construction of Notre Dame from 1163 to 1350.

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Parvis Notre-Dame is located at a distance of 24 km from Orly Airport and 39 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 110 kilometers from Beauvais Airport.

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