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History and visit the Church of the Sorbonne in Paris
Catholic temple, attached to the Archdiocese of Paris, the Church of the Sorbonne was built in 1635 and work was completed in 1642. It now belongs to the list of world monuments. The church is located in the city of Paris, in 5th district. Previously, she served as a chapel for the College of the Sorbonne, and it is only a few years later it became the chapel of the university faculties of Paris around the nineteenth century. Cardinal Richelieu, who had participated in the reconstruction of the Church in the seventeenth century now rests in the vaults of the church.

Since the founding of the College of the Sorbonne, it was decided that it would have a chapel so that Christian students can pray there. At that time, the chapel was Gothic Latin cross. It was built in 1326 and was also intended to eleven thousand virgins””. In 1622, Cardinal Richelieu became the Principal of the College of the Sorbonne. He could not, however, accept the state in which the college was because all the buildings which served as an educational center were in very poor condition. He subsequently decided to hire the architect Jacques Lemercier to redo college plans for it to be renovated and take a classic style. At the time of construction, the cardinal had ordered also build a place where it would be placed in his death. The chapel should be retained was finally cleared for more space and a new chapel was built on the site of the college Calvy.

The construction of the college began in 1627 and it was not until eight years later that the new chapel began. The Cardinal had not had the chance to admire the finished buildings, for he died in 1642, a few months before the work is ending. The Church of the Sorbonne was placed in front of the north side of the College. It had a great view, because its lines were very elegant overall. On the facades, there are two rows of stacked columns, one is of the Corinthian order and the other is composite order. There is also a statue on each niche, top, right side, one can find the statue of Saint Thomas Aquinas, left, was the site of the statue of Peter Lombard, on the right side the lower zone, there is a statue of Bossuet and left, it was the statue of Gerson. Apart from these four statues, there are also four other figurines representatives Moses and Saints Peter and Paul. This church was very famous after its construction, as it was the first monument in the capital. The two sides of the church were made in order to remember each of the ancient Pantheon Rome and Christian Rome of the Catholic reform. This type of structure was so popular that the Church remains to this day one of the most beautiful masterpieces of French work.

As for the interior decoration of the church, it was Philippe de Champaigne was in charge. It was also the source of all tables adorned the church. And it was François Girardon who had decorated the tomb of Cardinal Richelieu who was in the choir of the Church of the Sorbonne. In 1885, the church was in very poor condition due to lack of maintenance, but was quickly restored to the extent that it had become a world-renowned monument.

Transfer to the Church of the Sorbonne in Paris

The Church of the Sorbonne is located 24 km from Orly Airport, 36 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 98 km from Beauvais Airport.

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