Transfer to the Montparnasse tower in Paris

History and visit the Montparnasse tower in Paris

The Montparnasse Tower is also known as the Maine Montparnasse tower. It is a skyscraper located in the Neckar district in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. Construction of the tower was carried out between 1969 and 1972. Several architects have contributed to the realization of this tower as Saubot, Beaubouin, Cassan and Hoym Marien. It is 210 meters high and covers an area of ​​90,000 square meters. It was considered the tallest tower in France before the construction of the First Tower in 2011. It is now the 17th highest tower of the European continent and has 59 floors and 25 elevators.

The Montparnasse Tower is surrounded by the rue du Départ, the street of Arrival, instead of 18 June 1940 and the Boulevard du Montparnasse. Raoul Dautry instead separates with the Paris Montparnasse train station. The axis formed by the Eiffel Tower and the Montparnasse tower leads to the district of La Defense. This tower is served by several bus lines and a few subway stations including metro Welcome and Montparnasse. It is built on a plot consisting of chalk, clay and limestone. The facade of the tower has an area of ​​40,000 square meters and has 7,200 windows. The tower is built on a base of almond-shaped measuring 32 meters drop, 50 meters in length. It has 56 pillars made of reinforced concrete. The tower weighs about 130,000 tons and is crowned by a terrace. It contains shops and offices.

The offices occupy much of the surface of the tower as the headquarters of the Embassy of the Netherlands, the general mutual Education, the headquarters of the Eramet group or the offices of Al Jazeera. The bar-restaurant with a panoramic view and the terrace of the tower is open to visitors. It offers a magnificent 360 ° view over the city of Paris. Renovations in 2005 have to offer exhibit space representing the French capital. This tower is one of the ten most visited city of Paris monuments with no less than 1.2 million visitors per year. A large part of the visitors are foreigners. The headquarters of the presidential election of 1974 was installed in the tower by François Mitterrand. It is also used for scientific experiment between 10 and 17 October 2009.

Reorganization projects in the district of Necker through the construction of a new station in 1934 were in sight. The site lay in an area of ​​8 hectares. Studies for the construction of the Montparnasse tower began in 1956. The Minister of Culture André Malraux gave permission to build this tower. While the mall was built in 1969. The first stone of the tower was laid in April 1970. It was built where the old station located in Montparnasse. The inauguration of the tower was made in 1973 and since it is one of the landmarks of the city of Paris. Recently, a new night lighting consists of 58 LED spotlights and LED 972 dynamic ribbon was brought to the tower.

Transfer to the Montparnasse tower in Paris
The Montparnasse Tower is located at a distance of 17.7 km from Orly Airport, 31.6 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 96.1 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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