Private car transfer to the Observatory of Paris

The Paris Observatory is located on the Avenue de l’Observatoire. This is an astronomical observatory which is located in three different locations, including Paris, Meudon and Nançay. It was created in 1667 following a project to set up a well-equipped observatory. It was built by the architect Claude Perrault 1672.Cet institution between 1667 and is complementary with the Academy of Sciences which was founded in 1666. It is one of the oldest observatories in the world. It is under the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and is a member of the Paris arts and sciences foundation;
The Paris Observatory has a great influence on Western astronomy. He has established a large number of maps for navigation. It allowed the development of science in France such as mapping, meteorology and geodesy. This is an important place for research in astronomy. This has the same rank as universities and has a university in astrophysics and astronomy. Academic supervision is the master PhD. It is possible to do distance learning. The Royal Academy of Sciences was founded in 1666 by Louis XIV and Jean Baptiste Colbert at the request of a large number of scholars. The establishment of the Royal Observatory, which has become our time t the Paris Observatory was decided during the first meeting of the Academy December 22, 1666.
Its original function was to make experiments and meetings. Giovanni Domenico Cassini fu has appointed the head of the institution in 1669. It is in 1682 that King Louis XIV visiting the observatory. This was under the direction of the Cassini family for 125 years, including Giovanni Domenico Cassini, Jacques Cassini, César-François and Jean-Dominique Cassini. The observatory has struggled during the French Revolution because of his relationship with the monarchy. It has experienced strong turbulence July 16, 1789. Many managers have succeeded at the head of the Observatory. Since 2011 until today Claude Catala is the director of the institution.
The observatory consists of 2012 about 600 permanent employees, including 333 attached to the Ministry of Research and Higher Education, 248 belonging to the CNRS, 35 teachers and researchers. The university of the observatory has 245 students. It has an annual budget excluding salary of twenty million euros. Its three main missions are the mission of research, teaching and mission of disseminating knowledge to the public mission. Research the observatory generally cover studies on the sun and its relationship with the land, the formation of stars, the formation and evolution of galaxies, cosmology, history and philosophy of science, planets and planetary systems, the interstellar medium, the astroparticle and metrology of space and time. It offers engineers and researchers who implement various observation instruments.
The observatory consists of seven laboratories such as Laboratory for Space Studies and Astrophysics Instrumentation, the universe and theory laboratory or laboratory studies of radiation and matter in astrophysics. It also has an institute is the Institute of Celestial Mechanics and ephemeris calculation. The organization of teaching activities of the facility is provided by the Education Training Unit. It has various services to make themselves known to the public as a website, open houses, night observation per year, mentoring classes and exhibitions.

The Paris Observatory is located at a distance of 14 km from Orly Airport, 29 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris Observatory and 96.7 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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