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History and Tour du Petit Palais – Musée des Beaux-Arts of the City of Paris
The Petit Palace has reopened its doors December 10, 2005 after more than four years of renovations that have restored his appearance and brightness of yesteryear. Located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, in the area of ​​Champs-Elysees and Arc de Triomphe, is like a miniature of the Louvre. The museum has a rich collection like ancient Greek urns, tables of medieval paintings, Rembrandt’s self-portrait in oriental clothes, furniture dating from the era of Louis XV, the French Impressionism symbolic works of Odilon Redon and new ceramic arts. The Museum of Fine Arts in the city of Paris also has an amazing collection of fabulous paintings painting by Picasso, Matisse, Modigliani, Cezanne, Renoir, Derain and many others.

For the enjoyment of visitors to the Museum of Fine Arts, the Petit Palais reappears with a modern look well, though showy, as the same time that it was designed by architect Charles Girault. In addition to the new look of the building, the museum’s collection was also enriched. Visitors are met by the size of the exhibition hall, improved access and additional services. The primary purpose of the Petit Palais is to serve as the Museum of Fine Arts in the city of Paris. It is also at the same time one of the few museums in Paris to offer the public a wide range of items on display both in terms of paint paintings, sculptures, tapestries, art objects and even more surprising, the Museum exhibited for the first time icons offered by Roger Cabal.

The artistic panorama offered by the Museum of Fine Arts covers a long period of antiquity to the twentieth century. The ancient and medieval collections alongside works by the French and Italian Renaissance or the left by the brothers Dutuit Flemish and Dutch art. Works given by Tuck in the eighteenth century and the splendid collection of paintings by French paintings of the nineteenth century are among the treasures of the museum, these works are those of famous artists like Delacroix, Monet, Sisley, Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec and Courbet. The richness and diversity of the collections provide naturally at the Petit Palais educational value for those who are strongly interested in the discovery and introduction to art.

The Petit Palais is the foremost museum that houses the most beautiful works of art in Paris. After the renovation, the museum has more than 1,300 works of art to the public. The Museum of Fine Arts houses since its renovation a multitude of equally stunning as each other exposures. Built for a World Expo in 1900, in an interior garden, the Petit Palace became the official museum of fine arts in 1902. This museum has a good academic architecture typical of the nineteenth century. The Petit Palais gives visitors free access to the garden and coffee during the opening hours of the museum.

As its name suggests, the Petit Palais is very small compared to the Louvre and attracts far fewer people. Passionate people who visit art Petit Palais can enjoy every moment quietly and calmly. Featuring a rich program for both children and adults, the Petit Palais has nothing to envy to other museums in the city of Paris.

Transfer to the Petit Palais in Paris
The Petit Palais is located 21.7 kilometers from Orly Airport, 31.8 miles from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 87.1 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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