Private car transfer to Bridge Pont Marie in Paris

Crossing the Seine linking the Ile Saint-Louis on the right bank,  the bridge Pont Marie is one of the oldest bridges in Paris since it dates from the reign of Louis XIII. It was designed and built by Christophe Marie, who called him by name. The contractor has proposed its construction in 1605, but the royal power will be agreed in 1614. Its construction was part of a vast urban project encompassing two buildings: the bridge’s tower located near the Pont Saint-Louis serves on the Ile de la Cité. Currently the site is affiliated to the metro station of the same name and located on the site of the UN French Battalion in Korea in the 4th district. This facility is classified as a historic monument since 1887, so this is a protected site and a tourist mecca since.
The bridge Mary spans more than twenty years. Indeed it will open to traffic in 1635 when the first stone was laid in 1614. This gel works was largely due to the opposition of the canons of Notre-Dame. After opening to traffic, there was another dispute that pitted Christophe Marie and the owners of the island, it was about a project to build habitats on deck. However, fifty houses will eventually be built by carpenter Claude Dublet. After several disagreements between residents and responsible for the maintenance of the bridge, infrastructure, poorly maintained, suffered multiple damage.
Thus, in March 1655, two arches eventually collapse, taking twenty houses, this drama was sixty victims and much property damage. In 1660, it was established to undertake a restoration by the introduction of a wooden structure, was added a passage tolls to finance the reconstruction of two missing arches. It was only after the intervention of Colbert in 1667 that the restoration work will be completed. To prevent further incidents, the other houses were demolished in 1670. In addition a few years later, it was finally decided to ban the construction of houses on bridges, around 1788 there was more habitat on the bridges of Paris.
It is an arch bridge, it is 92 meters long, 22.60 meters wide, divided into 8m sidewalk and 14.60 meters floor. The Pont Marie is built entirely of masonry (including abutments and piers), it is composed of four arches different from each other, a simple detail, but that is the beauty of the structure. Each of these arches has a range of about 4 meters. The décor: ornaments reminiscent of the Renaissance architecture is simple and classic, especially as cornices its cutwaters are devoid of statues. There is no doubt that the site has charm, style seventeenth fits perfectly with the surrounding decor, the perfect place for solitary walks. Although this is the oldest bridge in Paris after the Pont-Neuf, the Pont Marie is very well preserved despite the ravages of time. Apart from the reconstruction of the two arches in 1667, there were other notable except that of 1850 restorations work was mainly focused on road hump of the bridge.

Pont Marie is at a distance of 18.6 km from Orly Airport, 29.7 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Pont Marie and 99.5 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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