Transfer to the Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre in Paris

Basilica of the Sacred Heart is located on the rue du Chevalier de la Barre in the 18th arrondissement. It is a religious building where the famous Roman Catholic worship are French capital. It is dedicated to the Sacred Heart. Construction of the basilica began in 1875 and ended in 1919. According to a law passed July 24, 1873, it is considered a public utility after the outbreak of the Paris Commune. The eclectic style dominates in building this building. It is the second most visited monument of France. It had around ten million visitors in 2006.
Sacred Heart Basilica is built on the hill of Montmartre. This hill was always a place of worship. Gallo-Roman temple dedicated to Mercury and Mars, St. Peter’s Church up to this magnificent basilica. The proposed construction of the basilica was pronounced during speech Bishop Fournier September 4, 1870. According to him, it was necessary to repent because of moral degradation since the 1789 revolution. Procedures necessary for the construction of the basilica was begun by Hubert Rohault Fleury and Alexander Legentil ten years later. The project has had a national dimension. Following the vote of the National Assembly, the land is given to the Archbishop of Paris, Monsignor Joseph Hippolyte Guibert for the construction of the basilica. Its construction is considered moral by the National Assembly. Site selection is explained uprising of 18 March on the hill.
The choice of the architect of the basilica was made through a competitive process. Several criteria were established such as the budget is limited to seven million francs, the presence of a crypt and a large statue of the Sacred Heart. Among eighty-seven competitors, the architect Paul Abadie wins the contest. But when he died, he was replaced by Honoré Damet which is then replaced by Charles Laisné. Funding for the construction of the basilica was done by a national subscription. For fifty years, nearly forty-six million francs were harvested. The laying of the foundation stone was made June 16, 1875. Completion of the work is done in stages, the opening of the interior of the nave was completed in 1891, the tower was completed in 1912, the interior was completed in 1923. And the basilica was consecrated in 1919.
The Basilica of the Sacred Heart in the form of a Greek cross. It has four domes, a central dome crowned by a campanile equipped with colonnades. The central dome is 83 meters high. The architecture of this church building is inspired by Romanesque architecture mixed with the Byzantine architecture. The color of the basilica is explained by white stones came from quarries Soups sur Loing and Chateau Landon. The quality of this stone lies in its autonettoiement and strength. The interior of the building is characterized by the ceiling of the apse is adorned with the largest mosaic of France. The mosaic covers an area of ​​473.78 square meters. The Stake which is the largest bell in France is in the basilica. It has several sculptures, the vast majority was carried out by Hippolyte Jules Lefebvre.

Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre is located from Orly Airport at a distance of 24.2 km  , 25.7 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 84.8 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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