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History and visit the UNESCO House in Paris
The UNESCO House is a universal museum. He sits on the place de Fontenoy, 7th arrondissement, it is a stunning and modern building. The whole edifice rests on 72 concrete pilings and was inaugurated on 3 November 1958. This building occupies a plot of trapezoidal shape of 30,350 m², cut its northeast corner by a semi-circular shape. This is a Y-shaped structure established under the supervision of an international committee of architects and completed by architects of different nationalities such as French Bernard Zehrfuss American Marcel Breuer, the Italian Pier Luigi Nervi. The UNESCO House is framed by avenues of Saxony, Segur de Suffren and Lowendal. This monumental work was carried out by a selection of leading artists to a specific location.

On the outside, we can find sculptures of Henry Moore, Alexander Calder and Eduardo Chillida and a ceramic Joan and the acquisition of other artists works as Bazaine, Tamayo, Roberto Matta. We can admire a fresco by Picasso, Bazaine Miro, of Tapiés, Le Corbusier and others known and unknown artists, symbols of artistic creation in the world. These exceptional works of art are used to beautify the scene, and are symbolic of the peace agreement with the values ​​proclaimed in the whole world, and the defense of the peace is the purpose of UNESCO. To mark its innovation, UNESCO House had to integrate three buildings: the great hall called "accordion" egg-shaped, welcoming the plenary sessions of the General Conference.

The cube-shaped building dedicated to the permanent delegations and non-governmental organizations. The building has two floors of office space in the basement, around a series of six small sunken courtyards. UNESCO is an acronym, it is a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It was created over half a century, with a mission to create peace in the minds of men and women. Its main objective is to contribute to peace and security in the world by promoting collaboration through education, science, culture and communication, collaboration between nations. This organization is known for its diversity of tasks: a cultural mission by the World Heritage conservation by classifying historical sites, its educational mission by the literacy campaigns.
The UNESCO House is called the three-pointed star. His fame in the world based on these architectural qualities and the fact that an organization covering a well-known reputation.

The General Secretariat is located in the main building with 7 floors. The bookstore is located in the UNESCO building with all its publications, its large philatelic and numismatic collection, his gifts, etc.. The UNESCO House is open to visitors Tuesday through Friday by appointment accompanied by a request for clarification and focus. Tours are subject to availability. The presentation of UNESCO, and a guided tour of the Japanese Garden, Space meditation Tadao Ando, ​​some accessible parts of the main building for a period of 30 minutes. The UNESCO House also offers a new permanent exhibition as UNESCO OPEN, designed to educate the worldwide mission of UNESCO activities worldwide.

Transfer to the UNESCO House in Paris
The UNESCO House is located at a distance of 18 km from Orly Airport and 32.4 km from the airport Charles de Gaulle Airport and 80 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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