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History  of the town of Acy-Romance

The city of Acy-Romance is in the department of Ardennes and Champagne-Ardennes. Until the eighteenth century, the name of the town was Acy. Acy-Romance was used to this date. Formerly, the lordship of Acy was under the possession of individuals lords. In the seventeenth century, it was in the hands of Colbert. The city was at its origin, a Celtic agricultural village.


Tourism and visits Acy-Romance

The city of Acy-Romance is a church containing a large part of the history of the town. The St. Peter's Church is the only religious monument of this destination. It is remarkable for its architecture and ornamentation inside and outside.

Besides visiting the city of Acy-Romance, tourists can also find 2.1 km from the town, the town of Rethel. The latter has a number of attractive tourist sites. Three churches are well visible in this destination including: St. Nicolas Church of Rethel, the St. Peter's Church in Pargny-Resson and the Church Saint-Rémi. A museum is also exploring in this town, it is known as the Museum of Rethel and Porcien. Still other places are to be seen in Rethel including: gazebo, the cross Ardalu, both doors of the Castle Mazarin and Woinic.

To get around the city and its surroundings, tourists are encouraged to seek a transfer service to move from one attraction to another. You can also move from the town of Acy-Romance to Beauvais Airport. Our company offers you three kinds of comfortable for exploring the city cars, namely the collective shuttle, private car and VIP luxury car.


Transfer from Acy-Romance to the Paris airports

The city of Acy-Romance is 35 km from Reims and 162 km from Paris. This destination is 191 km from Orly airport, 243 km from Paris Beauvais airport and 178 km from Charles de Gaulle airport.

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