Transfer and visit of church of Saint Eustache in Paris

History and visit the church of Saint-Eustache in Paris

The church of Saint-Eustache is a Roman Catholic church. It is kind of attached to the parish and the Archdiocese of Paris. Its construction began in 1532 and was completed in 1633. The plan of this church imitates the Gothic cathedrals while its decoration focuses on the style of the Renaissance.
The first building constructed on the site of the Saint Eustache church is the chapel dedicated to Saint Agnes. This chapel was built in the parish in 1223. The church of St. Eustache kept a relic belonging to Saint Eustache.
This building is considered as a royal church, as many royalty and famous have been baptized, married, buried as Louis XIV, Molière, Colbert, and Scaramouche.
The Saint Eustache church is a large building measuring 105 meters long and 43.5 meters wide and 33.46 meters high arch. It is characterized by the transepts, columns of remarkable size and brightly colored stained glass windows depicting religious images.
The greatest feature of this church is the various transformations over the years. Several architects have contributed to the realization of this monument as Jean Hardouin-Mansart de Jouy, and Moreau.
The church of Saint-Eustache is ranked among the most beautiful religious monuments in Paris. His wealth is by the presence of numerous works of art to mention that the "Martyrdom of St. Eustache" Vouet, the "bench work" Peter Lepautre historical monument and especially the largest organ in France.

Transfer to the church of Saint Eustache
The church of Saint-Eustache is located in the first district of Paris, in the heart of Les Halles. It is located 20 km from Orly airport, 27.4 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 82 km from Beauvais Airport.

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