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History and visit the Mansion Drouot-Richelieu Paris
The Mansion l Drouot-Richelieu Drouot or is located in Paris, at 9 rue Drouot, in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. He specializes in the public auction of works of art. This is a great contemporary-style building, built between 1976 and 1980 by the architect Jean-Jacques Fernier and Andre Biro. It is owned by SA Drouot. The mansion has twenty-one rooms, including rooms for vacations sixteen works of art and a hundred auctioneers authorized to carry out the sales. This is both a meeting place for the antique dealers, collectors and experts, but also a hub of the French market and international art.

Previously, public auctions were held at the seller’s home. The importance of sales sometimes required the rental of a specific room. In the early nineteenth century, the House of auctioneers in Paris was established. She carried out a reorganization of the profession and established a dress code for sales professionals. In 1807, it was difficult to find premises for the public auctions. Faced with this problem, the room wanted to acquire a specially dedicated for this purpose. She chose a mansion in the Rue de Grenelle Saint Honore mansion Farms. Gradually, the lack of space was felt. The mansion Farms was hardly appropriate to make sales. The Chamber decided to buy Bullion mansion located in the Platrière street near the mansion Farms. In 1817, the mansion counted six showrooms, some warehouses and offices. At the time, the city of Paris was known worldwide as the capital of the art market. The mansion Bullion was again too narrow, which led to the room to acquire land in 1850. Worth 438,000 francs, the manor of Pinon Quincy once occupied this land. An architectural competition was launched to build a building on it. Architects Lejeune and Levasseur came out winners. mansion Drouot auction was opened on 1 June 1852. Built on two floors, the mansion disposed of fourteen showrooms. Felix Edoux fitted out mansion a hydraulic lift in 1869. The beginning of the glorious times of the mansion was marked by the sale of several English collections, Dutch, Austrian and Belgian. In 1887, he received the public auction of the jewels of the crown, in 1898 the sale of the furniture of the particular mansion Emile Zola, and in 1912 the collection of Jacques Doucet. Between 1976 and 1980, the renovation and modernization were undertaken at the site of the auction according to the plans of architects Jacques Fernier and Andrew Biro.

The mansion Drouot is open Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 18 pm It is closed on public holidays and between mid-July and mid-September. In general, sales are made during the afternoon, but sometimes they take place in the morning, evening or Sunday. The government offices and news services, documentation and training of the mansion are located on the 2nd floor. The first floor has 7 rooms sales, ground floor 2 rooms and 1 basement rooms 7. The packaging and catalogs service, cloakroom and toilets are located on the mezzanine. 2nd and 3rd basements used to store lots for sale and preservation of the lots sold.

Transfer by shuttle taxi to the mansion Drouot-Richelieu Paris
mansion Drouot-Richelieu is located 21.3 kilometers from Orly Airport, 25.2 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 85.6 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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