Private chauffeured car service from Paris airport to Auxerre

The town is considered to be among the most calm and peaceful of France. It is good to live and it is a city that promotes cultural exchange. It is mostly a historic city with a rich past : private chauffeured car service from Charles de Gaulle airport to Auxerre.

Being a crossroads of road and navigable roads, the city of Auxerre was born from this strategic position. Its christianisation took place between the 3rd and the 4th century and was concretized by the construction of a cathedral in the 5th century. Since then, Bishop Saint Germain has taken the initiative to build monasteries throughout the city such as Saint-Amatre, Saint-Germain and Saint Didier. Followed by the bishop of Auxerre Humbaud and many others who founded :

  • the abbeys of Saint-Marien, Saint-Père, Saint-Gervais, Saint-Protais, Saint-Eusebe;
  • Notre-Dame-la-d ‘Hors and Islands.

St. Germain was also an important monastic school. Monasteries that have adopted the Gothic style. In the Middle Ages, the religious center of the region and Faubourgs at castrum formed the urban entity.

The cultivation of the vine

Known as a wine producer at this time, the cultivation of the vine has allowed the economic growth of the city. Making their official entry into the city in the twelfth century, the bourgeois family has removed the vestiges of the inventive spirit of these bishops. Signs of yesteryear almost disappeared. In the 16th century, being a religious city, it was seriously affected by the Hundred Years War and the wars of religion.

Thus, the monuments and buildings related to the catholic religion such as the statuary of the portals of the cathedral were ravaged. Famine, plague and leprosy also brought desolation to the city. In 1804, Auxerre became Prefecture of Yonne. And in 1855, the construction of the railway station and the railway linking Paris to Lyon allowed the economic boom of the city and the development of other commercial activities.

The modernization of the city

In the 19th century, the city built other institutions such as a courthouse, an insane asylum and a penitentiary. The early twentieth century was the period of the creation of banks and art deco architecture. These buildings have been well safeguarded as the city has not been seriously affected by the last two wars. Since the invasions of the Germanic peoples to the present day, Auxerre has kept its authenticity. So that you can discover on the spot the remains of this history of the city, we offer you our professional transfer service of high quality.

Currently, the agglomeration is the center of the economic development of Burgundy. Thus, the unemployment rate is the lowest in France. The seat of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Yonne is there and it manages the river port of pleasure. Industrial and commercial zones have been installed there, to mention only :

  • the ZI of Plaine des Isles,
  • the ZI of Plaines de l’Yonne,
  • Fontaines des Clairions shopping center.

It is a dynamic and sporting city with its football clubs and especially the “Auxerre Youth Association”. It also houses prestigious educational institutions such as the IUT Auxerre, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry with training in management, commerce, management and sales forces and the CIFA.

Being a wine town, it is known for its wine and gastronomy whose specialties are snails and truffles. Having inherited the religious heritage of the Middle Ages, Auxerre received the 1995 “Art and History” label and has a safeguarded sector of 67Ha. Their “Local Urban Plan” operational for four years is at the service of sustainable development to better safeguard the environment and maintain the biodiversity of the region. For your stay in Auxerre, remember to contact us to book a car service in Paris.

Museum-Saint-Germain Abbey of Auxerre

The Abbey Museum Saint-Germain d’Auxerre was built in the abbey bearing the same name. It houses pieces dating from prehistory to the Middle Ages which are accessible to the public. It contains the sixteen centuries of history of the city. A Gothic church with its fore-nave and nave out of the ordinary. The tower of Saint-Jean overlooks all buildings with its imposing stone spire convex eight-sided.

Since death, Saint Germain in the fifth century, the bishops who succeeded him are buried there. For 7 €, you are entitled to a visit of thirty to forty minutes of the museum. You can also see the Shroud of Saint-Germain. The abbey team offers :

  • exhibitions,
  • concerts,
  • lectures,
  • art workshops and outdoor cinema.
Cathedral Saint-Etienne of Auxerre

Built in 1215, the Saint-Etienne cathedral was dedicated to Didier D’Auxerre, the first martyr of the city. Like most of the Auxerre churches, it is also Gothic with its choir, the chapel, the old windows of the ambulatory and the transept and its three naves. The frescoes including that of Jesus Christ on horseback and the crypt are magnificent representations of Romanesque architecture. On the portals you can see illustrations of the Old and New Testaments.

Dry Tree Park

It is a beautiful park on the banks of the Yonne. Botanical gardens are a refuge for birds. The “floral park” part is inspired by the style of Edouard André’s landscaped gardens. It is located near Treasure Island. 300 trees with 52 different varieties, playgrounds for the youngest and the young, the beautiful towpath will make you enjoy a moment of relaxation in nature but just in the heart of the city. You can see cruises on houseboats or rent kayaks

Leblanc-Duvernoy Museum

It was the family home of Paul Leblanc-Duvernoy he bequeathed to the town after his death in the town to make a museum. There are preserved woodwork, paintings, sculptures and furniture. The ceramics made from sandstone is the centerpiece of the museum with the faience representative of the revolutionary era. For 2.10 €, it opens its doors every day except Tuesday from 14 hours to 18 hours.

Tourist boats from Auxerrois

If you want to get out of your daily routine, what better than a cruise along the Yonne and the Nivernais Canal aboard the Houseboat “Swallow 2”. This is the best way to discover the city, its history and the locks in peace. For three hours of relaxation during a cruise with lunch, the team will offer gastronomic tastings of local specialties. The crew also offers one-hour cruises and educational cruises for schools and recreation centers. Our destination is mainly from the airport to the hotel, but we can take you around the city.

In the north-west of France in Yonne in the Burgundy-Franche-Comté region, Auxerre is a city located between Paris and Lyon. It is 60 km from the Parc Du Moulin in Tan and only 37 km from La Fosse Dionne. For your information, note that the city is 160 km from Orly Airport and 193 km from CDG Airport.

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