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History and Visit the Church of the Holy Archangels in Paris

For over 800 years, the Church of the Holy Archangels in Paris’s 5th arrondissement has stood majestically, bearing witness to its storied past. It is fittingly recognized as a historic monument of France, located at No. 9 rue Jean de Beauvais in the Latin Quarter. This architectural marvel coexists harmoniously with its distinguished neighbors, including the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Sorbonne, and the College of France, while still retaining its own unique majesty. Currently, the church is a focal point for the Romanian Orthodox community, serving as a beacon of faith and a testament to the autonomy of Orthodox churches throughout Western Europe. It is conveniently accessible via two Parisian metro lines, with stations Maubert – Mutualité and Cluny – La Sorbonne within a short walking distance.

Originally, before embracing its role as an Orthodox church, it served as a chapel for the College of Beauvais in the 14th century. Construction commenced on January 30, 1374, under the watchful guidance of King Charles V, who enlisted the same architect responsible for the Louvre’s chapel, marking its architectural significance. However, the Royal Edict of 1764, which imposed restrictions on certain religious practices, significantly altered its status, eventually leading to its sale. The chapel suffered extensive damage and desecration during the revolution, with the college itself being repurposed multiple times, from a uniform factory to barracks during Napoleon’s reign. The building’s fate hung in the balance until the Dominicans’ intervention in 1864, who then initiated renovations supported by generous donations, notably preserving the grand window above the entrance.

Two decades later, a decree dramatically impacted the chapel’s fate by expelling the Dominicans, leading to its brief use as a storage site before its acquisition by the Romanian crown, intending to establish an Orthodox church. This decision was motivated by the significant Romanian community that had settled in Paris since the French Revolution. Initially, worship took place in an apartment, which soon proved inadequate for the growing congregation. Following extensive restorations to accommodate Orthodox rites, the church was consecrated on May 31, 1892, dedicating it to the Holy Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. Throughout the Second World War, the church provided refuge to those persecuted, resisting Communist attempts at seizure. Post-war, it has been managed by the Association for the Practice of Worship Romanian Orthodox (APCOR), and in 2009, it was elevated to the status of the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Western and Southern Europe metropolis. This rich historical tapestry underscores the Church of the Holy Archangels’ significance as a sanctuary of faith, heritage, and resilience.

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