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History and visit the Church of the Holy Archangels in Paris
For 800 years, the Church of the Holy Archangels in the 5th arrondissement of Paris dignified faces its history. It is rightly it is classified as a historical monument of France. At No. 9 rue Jean de Beauvais, in the Latin Quarter, she was able to integrate with surrounding buildings while maintaining a certain majesty. It has as neighbors the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Sorbonne or the College of France. Today the church is officiating the Romanian Orthodox rites. Historically believers attending this church saw it as a symbol of their faith and the witness of the autonomy of all Orthodox churches in Western Europe. Two subway lines miss Paris. It is possible to go down to the station Maubert – Mutual or the station Cluny – La Sorbonne which is less than 300 meters away.

Before being an Orthodox church, the Church of St. Archangels was originally a chapel belonging to the college of Beauvais in the fourteenth century. The work was started January 30, 1374 under the watchful eye of King Charles V. It noted its significant similarity with the chapel of the Louvre since the king appealed to the same architect. In the mid-eighteenth century, the Royal Edict of 1764 in connection with the prohibition of certain religious practices altered the status of the chapel. This led to the final sale of the college and its chapel. During the revolution, the chapel has also suffered a lot of destruction and desecration. The college, he was abandoned before later becoming a garment factory uniforms and a little later a barracks during the reign of Napoleon. However, after the revolution, the college struggled to find his primary responsibilities. The building remained assigned to the army and threatened to destroy the chapel without the intervention of Dominicans who bought back in 1864. Thus, he was the renovation and repair done with the help of many donations from others for big window is always above the front door.

Twenty years later, another decree chamboula the existence of the chapel as it led to the expulsion of the Dominicans of all places where they ministered throughout France. The chapel becomes a mere filing of goods before finally being bought by the Romanian crown who wanted to make an Orthodox church. Since the French Revolution, a sizeable community of Romanians settled in Paris, which justified the purchase. Before that, the cults were held in an apartment in the 5th district, which quickly behaved not enough space for the faithful. The chapel then underwent further restoration that we can officiate Orthodox rites. The consecration of the Church of the Holy Archangels was held May 31, 1892 and it was placed under the protection of the Holy Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. The Second World War had terrible consequences for the Orthodox Church in general. The church became a sanctuary for the persecuted. The Communists tried to recover but failed in the end. At the end of the war, the church was under the administration of the Association for the Practice of Worship Romanian Orthodox (APCOR) until today. In 2009, the Church of the Holy Archangels officially became the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Western and Southern Europe metropolis of Metropolitan.

Transfer to the Church of the Holy Archangels in Paris
The Church of the Holy Archangels is located 18 km from Orly Airport, 34.3 miles from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 89.6 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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