Shuttle and visit of Paris mosque

History and visit the mosque of Paris
The mosque is located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. Its construction began in 1922 and ended in 1926. The mosque was established on 15 July 1926. The dominant aspect in this building is neo-Spanish mareusque. It is listed as a historic monument since 1983.

Paris mosque was built in memory of the sacrifices of colonial soldiers. The land where the mosque was built was donated by the city of Paris. Funding for its implementation was provided by Arab countries.

Robert and Maurice Fourriez Mantout are the architects chosen by the company for the manufacture of Endowments of this mosque. Artists from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia have contributed to layers marble and other ornaments.

The Great Mosque of Paris is visible from afar with its minaret is 33 meters high. The appearance Andalusian, Byzantine, Persian and Chinese is present in the building. It gives an exotic and colorful reflection in a Latin environment.

The mosque has a beautiful garden equipped with water jets as well as porches. It is characterized by a patio decorated with greenery. The courtyard is surrounded by arcades, the arches are carefully decorated with tracery and foliage. This mosque has a large prayer room with beautiful carpet. The main portal of the mosque is completely adorned with arabesque carvings details of which are well cared surmounted by geometric patterns.

Shuttle to the Paris Mosque
Paris mosque is localized in the Jardin des Plantes 16 km from Orly Airport, 32.5 miles from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 92.7 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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