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History and visit the observatory at Paris

The Paris Observatory is the oldest observatory still running. It is located in the fourteenth arrondissement of Paris on the Avenue of the Observatory. Construction of the building began in 1667 and ended in 1672.

The architect who developed the plan of this building is Claude Perrault. The architectural style of this building is classic. Despite the challenging Cassini layout of the building, construction continued under the orders of Louis XIV.

The purpose of the realization of this observatory is to create useful maps for navigation. It is also a valuable aid to the Academy of Sciences. Currently, he serves as a center of astronomical research in France and is responsible for high-level learning. The discovery of the meridian of France is one of the largest research the Paris Observatory. This meridian was very useful for the creation of the first map of France.
The Paris Observatory is a public institution under the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. It is part of the institution Sciences and Letters in Paris. The building is made entirely of stone. It consists of two floors and 27 meters in height.

The observatory has a rectangular shape with each side representing the four cardinal points. The main facade is oriented to the north and opens onto the Avenue of the Observatory. Flags octagonal crowned by domes are on two corners of the building. The building has a terrace with a small three tiny observatory domes. The building holds cellars for the storage type thermometers and other instruments.

Transfers to the observatory in Paris
The Paris Observatory is located 16 km from Orly Airport to 33.2 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 97 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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