History of the the National Museum of Asian Arts in Paris


History and visit the National Museum of Asian Arts in Paris

The National Museum of Asian Art is located on the Place d’Iena in the 16th arrondissement of the French capital. Previously, he was appointed Guimet Museum. It covers an area of ​​4005 square meters. It was inaugurated in 1889. The number of visitors to the museum each year progresses. It is accessible by metro station Iena. The roof of the museum and the library have been classified as historic monuments in 1979. It has an area of ​​5500 square meters of permanent exhibition. The museum building is neoclassical. It was built by the architect Jules Chatron in 1885. It has a huge rotunda accompanied by two wings.

The National Museum of Asian Art was established following the proposal of the intellectual and industrial Emile Guimet. He was able to gather a large number of collections due to the trips he made in China, Japan, India, Greece and Egypt. These collections were presented in his hometown Lyon in 1879. He has been building a museum dedicated to the arts from Asia. The many collections are transferred to the museum inaugurated in 1889. He was attached to the Department of Museums of France in 1927. It hosts more than collections of its founder. These other works of art from including donations.

This museum is considered the most important museum with Asian art outside Asia territory. The explorer Louis Delaporte has discovered a museum Indochina between 1878 and 1925. Works from this find were stored in the Trocadero Palace before being transferred to the Guimet Museum. Only 624 casts from an Angkor temple were kept in the palace. The Heidelbach hotel Ennery the museum and the Pantheon are attached to the Guimet Museum. The museum’s collections are especially dedicated arts and ancient artifacts from discovery. Nevertheless, it has a textile industry from donations Krishnâ Riboud. Temporary exhibitions of contemporary works are also held in the museum.

The ground floor of the National Museum of Asian Art presents the Southeast Asia collections including structural Khmer statues and decorations and India including statues, jewelry, paintings, manuscripts and especially objects archaeological. The first floor of the museum, however, this collection of China, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Himalayan arts and textiles Riboud. We meet Chinese ancient arts such as sculptures, vases, objects made of bronze, ceramics and antique models. Essential for Afghanistan and Pakistan collections treasure Bagram, the rats and the rest of Ganghâra site Hadda.

The second floor of the museum features collections of Chinese, Japanese and Coréenes. The third floor of the museum are China and photographic collections. This museum has a library that was a place of dance Mata Hari during the First World War. Renovations were made to the national museum of Asian art were made in 1996. The work is done by architects Henri and Bruno Gaudin. It thus offers the visitors a moment to relax in a calm and well organized place.

Transfer to the National Museum of Asian Arts in Paris
The National Museum of Asian Art is located at a distance of 19.2 km from Orly Airport, 31.6 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 86.2 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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