Private van transfer from Paris airports to the town of Annoux in Burgundy


History  of the town of Annoux in Burgundy

The common Annoux is in the Yonne and the Burgundy region. The name of this village has undergone various changes over the centuries. In the sixteenth century, the town adopted the name Annotum. Throughout the ages, this name becomes Anot, Anaut, Annoult, and finally Annault Annoux. It is a destination that has experienced negative consequences as a result of wars like the war from 1914 to 1918 and from 1939 to 1945 war.


Tourism and visits Annoux

The common Annoux offers visitors a multitude of attractive tourist sites. They will have the opportunity to discover the Chappe telegraph. The latter is a means of optical communication semaphore. Tourists will also see the old castle which was the birthplace of Marshal Davout. This castle is characterized by a thirteenth century tower and barn. In addition to this building, it is possible to visit the Château de la Garenne and the 1830 Château Saint-Martin Meix. During a hike in the town, you will see the menhir of the white lady and the gulf Sainte Marie.

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Transfer from Annoux to Paris airports

The city Annoux locates at 41 km from Auxerre and 188 km from Paris. It is 208 km from Orly airport, 239 km from the airport Charles de Gaulle Airport and 305 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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