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History and visit the Quai d’Anjou in Paris

The Quai d’Anjou is a dock which is located in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. It runs along the Seine. The Pont de Sully is taking this dock and ends at Pont Marie and the Rue des Deux-Ponts. It was Christophe Marie, a general contractor for the construction of bridges in France, which began its construction in 1614.

The construction of the quay of the Île Saint-Louis, begun by Christophe Marie, was continued by Lagrange in 1623. In 1627, Christophe and his associates took over the building, but it was Hébert and other residents who came to completely finish the dock in 1647. After its erection, the dock has changed its name several times.

After construction, the western shore bore the name of Alençon. At this time, only the eastern part bore the name of Anjou. In 1870, this is all part of the whole dock bore the name of Anjou. In 1792, the dock was called "Quai de l’Union" and it was not until 1805 that he could retrieve the name "Anjou", it retains to this day.

The Quai d’Anjou is 313 meters long and has a width of 7 meters. It is distinguished by the remarkably unchanging beauty of the historic buildings that surround it, with among others the Hôtel Lambert at No. 1, the Hôtel de Lauzun 17 and the Théâtre de l’Île Saint-Louis-Paul Rey No. 39. The impressionist painter Paul Cézanne had occupied a house at No. 15 quai d’Anjou.

Transfer to the Quai d’Anjou in Paris
The Quai d’Anjou is located 18.7 km from Orly Airport, 33 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 100 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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