History and tour of the hotel Lamoignon Angouleme in Paris

History and tour of the hotel Lamoignon Angouleme Paris
The hotel is located in Angouleme Lamoignon the 4th district. It is located in the historic district of the city of Paris: the Marais. It is placed at the corner of the Rue Pavee and Rue des Francs-Bourgeois.Il is constructed with a Renaissance style by architect Baptist Androuet Hoop or Thomas Méthezeau. Construction of the hotel were made in the 16th century. It was built in order to accommodate a particular hotel. It houses the historic library of the French capital since 1969 and belongs to the city of Paris. It is classified as a historic monument since 1937. It is served by the metro station Saint-Paul.

Hotel Angoulême Lamoignon is built by the Duchess of Angouleme Diane de France who was the daughter of Henry II. After the death of the Duchess in 1619, Charles of Angouleme and Marie Touchet become heirs of the hotel. They remain there until 1650. Several tenants have succeeded in the mansion as the first president of the parliament of Paris Guillaume Lamoignon. Development works were entrusted to the architect Robert de Cotte. Lamoignon the family lived in the hotel until 1750. The prosecutor Antoine Moriau rented the building to make it his personal library. After his death in 1759, the number of these collections 14,000 volumes were given to the city of Paris. The library is open to the first public library in 1763. In 1774, he became the owner of the architect Jean Baptiste Louis Elisabeth. He then became the residence of Alphonse Daudet in 1867 and the seat of alcohol distillation in the 19th century. The city of Paris became the owner of the hotel in 1928 and there is restoration work between 1940 and 1968.

Hotel Angoulême Lamoignon is characterized by these limits and these pediments inspired by Diane de France. The name of the Duchess comes from the Roman goddess of the hunt. A large gate is located in the western part of the building. This portal dating from 1718 is topped by a statue of two naked children holding in their hand a mirror and a serpent. These statues represent prudence and truth. The main body of the building is constructed with a Henry III style. An observation post from the 17th century is located at the intersection of rue Francs-Bourgeois and Rue Pavee. An inscription "SC" is still visible on the building meaning Catherine due to the presence of a convent bearing the name of the place where the hotel is built.

Hotel Angoulême Lamoignon houses the historical library of the Paris city with no less than a million records on the history of the city. Its function is to preserve the history and especially the general public know the history of the French capital. It has various documents such as manuscripts, drawings, plans, photographs and even postcards. These collections come through purchases or bequests. Access to archives is only there after free registration at the library. The library collection is growing, in 1871 it had 6000 volumes and in 1895 it increased to 100,000. Since then, she has not stopped enriching the archives even between the world wars.

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Hotel Angoulême Lamoignon is at a distance of 17.5 km from Orly Airport, 28.4 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 88.7 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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