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History and visit the Museum of Human in Paris
The Museum of  Human is located in the Palais de Chaillot at the Trocadero . It was inaugurated June 20, 1938 . Its function is to show the great historical , cultural and anthropological most of humanity. It is under the Ministry of Higher Education and Research , the Ministry of Ecology , Sustainable Development and Energy . It is a department attached to the National Museum of Natural History .

Currently, the Museum of Human is the largest cultural project in the Paris city by the renovations are completed. Reopened to the public is scheduled for 2015 . He took the place of the old Trocadero ethnographic museum since 1937 . The old museum was created by Ernest Hamy on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition of 1878. As against the Museum of Man was founded by Paul Rivet on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition of 1937. Thus, the Museum of Man has inherited the collections of the Museum of Ethnography .

These legacies can be seen as objects of special collections dating from the 16th century. Shipments worldwide allowed to expand the collection since the 18th century until today . Donations from major collectors and travelers allow the museum to acquire a unique collection of ethnographic material . A large part of the collections of the museum comes from donations from the explorer Alphonse Pinart . He made a donation of around 3000 objects. Collections of physical anthropology and prehistory from the National Museum of Natural History are also kept in the museum by its founder. The museum is not only an exhibition space , but also an educational center at the University of Paris . It has a huge research laboratory regarding the prehistory , ethnology and anthropology. It also has a rich library that follows the American standard .

The Museum of Human aims to provide knowledge about man in his cultural expression in its diversity , unity and in its evolution. He thus became a world reference in terms of the definition of humanity . A reorganization plan led moving works in the museum . Collections of non-European ethnology were displaced Quai Branly while European ethnology collections were transferred to the Museum of Civilization in Europe and the Mediterranean. Rehabilitation works have been started since March 23, 2009 after an official commission . This work is administered by archaeologist Jean Pierre mohena and are funded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The renovation of the museum meets the initial draft of Paul Rivet.

This rehabilitation is to bring natural light into the building , creating meeting places for dialogue, but also spaces for general public. There are also plans to set up new laboratories and scientific offices. Research teams involving researchers in the world of prehistory , ethnology , genetics and anthropology make every effort to adhere to the scientific program of the museum. Until today , the museum has no less than 500,000 pieces in its collection . Several celebrities have followed in the administration of the museum since its inception.

Transfer shuttle taxi to the Museum of Human in Paris
The Museum of Man is located at a distance of 22 km from Orly Airport , 32 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 88 km from Beauvais Airport .

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