Transfer by shuttle taxi to the Museum of Human in Paris


The Museum of Human is dedicated to elucidating the myriad aspects of human cultural expression, celebrating its diversity, unity, and evolutionary journey. It has thus established itself as a global benchmark for the exploration and definition of humanity. A strategic reorganization plan necessitated the relocation of works within the museum, leading to the transfer of non-European ethnology collections to the Quai Branly and European ethnology collections to the Museum of Civilization in Europe and the Mediterranean. Starting on March 23, 2009, following an official mandate, rehabilitation efforts began under the stewardship of archaeologist Jean-Pierre Mohen, with financial backing from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. This renovation initiative aligns with Paul Rivet’s original vision for the museum.

The core objectives of the rehabilitation include introducing natural light into the museum’s interior, creating communal spaces for dialogue, and developing areas accessible to the general public. Additionally, the project aims to establish new laboratories and scientific offices to support research activities. Collaborative research teams, comprising experts in prehistory, ethnology, genetics, and anthropology, are diligently working to fulfill the museum’s scientific agenda. To date, the museum’s collection boasts over 500,000 items, testament to its comprehensive and nuanced examination of human history. Throughout its history, the museum has been guided by several distinguished leaders, each contributing to its prestige and development in the realm of human sciences.

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