Private shuttle transport to the Chapelle de la Sorbonne in Paris

La Chapelle de la Sorbonne also called Chapel Sainté Ursula de la Sorbonne is a church complex attached to the Sorbonne, and is even one of the symbols of the institution. The building is located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. It was built in 1635 according to plans by the architect Jacques Lemercier. La Chapelle Saint Ursula is particularly known for the mausoleum of Cardinal Richelieu. This building is a historical monument since 1887.
In 1626, Cardinal Richelieu of the Sorbonne at the time, Jacques Lemercier bestowed with the task of developing a plan of complete reconstruction of the college. Until then, it was just a collection of old decrepit buildings. Attention is focused primarily on the chapel that Cardinal planned to make his mausoleum. The Old Chapel, an old dilapidated building to look occupied the center of the complex. The Chapel will be demolished according to plan Lemercier, originally it was to be built, but for obvious reasons of space it will eventually shaved gain. The architect’s plan changed several times, which greatly delayed the construction. It was not until 1627 that the work of the college have been started and it will be some years before the first stone of the new chapel is raised. The chapel was completed in the year of the death of Cardinal. The Duchesse d’Aiguillon charged François Girardon construction tomb surmounted by a monumental tomb of Cardinal cénophate. During the Revolution the crypt was invaded, the attackers threw the bones in a cave and the remains of Cardinal itself is defiled: dismembered and decapitated.
The use of the Chapel has been a controversy, there were long periods of closure, even annual data requiem masses in honor of the memory of Cardinal were interrupted. The law of separation of church and state was finally applied in 1906 prohibiting the celebration of Mass in the Chapel, however there were some periods of tolerance. The building fell into disrepair alarming, even planned to destroy it. In the 20th century the chapel was used for exhibitions and concerts, which planted the idea of ​​making an amphitheater. In 1999 a storm partially destroyed the building. The reconstruction was undertaken and completed in 2010.
From the point of view of the structure, the Chapel of St. Ursula stands classical Latin Catholic buildings by transept in the center, making symmetry. Lemercier was a fundamentally baroque inspiration colonnades of Corinthian and Composite, the basilica nave his drum surmounted by a cupola. The architectural style of the building refers to the Renaissance. The front panel has various statues which represent the main illustrious figures such as Bossuet, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Peter Lombard, Gerson. The interior was furnished simply, almost no light ornament except for a few statues in the niches located on the first floor. The entire chapel hardly has more than decoration for the onslaught of revolutionary; works were either destroyed or deported. Today the only remaining historical pieces are cénophate of Cardinal Richelieu and an organ dating from the nineteenth century and which is not in condition to play.

La Chapelle Saint Ursula de la Sorbonne is at a distance of 15.8 km from Orly Airport, 30.6 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Chapelle Saint Ursula de la Sorbonne and 88.9 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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