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The Luxembourg Palace is a building that was built in the early seventeenth century by the architect Salomon de Brosse. The name of the Luxembourg Palace was taken from the name of the hotel that was built in the mid-sixteenth century. It was a hotel owned by Piney Francis, Duke of Luxembourg. The latter was sold to Queen Marie de Medici in 1612 who decided to build the palace in 1615 while maintaining the hotel. In 1795, during the Terror, the Luxembourg Palace was transformed into a prison before his arrest in court. Then towards the end of the year 1799, it is the seat of the Senate Conservative or “high turnout” which was housed in the palace after it was considered national property in 1791. The pardons were made by Jean François Chalgrin. The hotel is called small Luxembourg and became official residence of the President of the Senate since the year 1825. During World War II, the palace was occupied by the Germans and was the command center of the Luftwaffe.

Description Luxembourg Palace
The Luxembourg Palace was built to refer to a second home as a city official palace. It has an area of ​​25 hectares. Its architecture was probably made in the style of French fortresses. It has a square courtyard called “courtyard” and a crown of a vault or “dome Tournon” lobby. Its pavilions are magnified within the apartments.
The palace is specified by the large size of the main building against two pavilions as well as the architecture of the center. The Luxembourg Palace is an excerpt from Pitti Palace under the claim of Marie de Medici. The Luxembourg Palace, the Hotel du Petit Luxembourg, the residence of the President of the Senate and the Museum of Luxembourg and the whole garden is currently the domain of the Senate.
The building is located to the right of the palace hotel is called the Presidency where the office of President of the Senate and his colleagues found. In this building are also lounges and dining room staff of the Senate president. In the left building, known as the “salons Boffrand” congregate facilities buffet and reception rooms.

The events marking the Luxembourg Palace
October 14, 1750, Director of Buildings King Charles François Paul Le Normant Tournehem opens a royal exhibition table Luxembourg Palace. This gallery has been built at the place where the Queen Marie de Medici has installed ers collections before. Collections of “tables of the King” were presented. It was the first open to the public throughout France art exhibition. King Louis XVIII recommended the establishment of a museum dedicated to the artist which was opened April 24, 1818.

The Luxembourg Palace is a remarkable tourist site that is located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. It is located in the north of Luxembourg gardens. It is currently occupedby the French Senate. Newdays it is  the pride of the left bank of the Seine in Paris.
During your visit to the palace of Luxembourg, you may find the room guestbook. This room offers genuine admiration ornaments Luxembourg Palace also known as the Palace of Marie de Medici. There is also a magnificent staircase which substituted gallery Rubens. The Senate Chamber is also a place to visit where you can see behind the spur of the President of gigantic sculptures by various artists recognized.
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The Luxembourg Palace in Paris is 15.1 km from Orly airport, from the airport of Beauvais Tille 33.3 and 98.6 km from Charles de Gaulle airport.

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