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The Château de Fleury-en-Bière is an area that is located in the town of Fleury-en-Bière and in the department of Seine-et-Marne.



Structure of Château de Fleury-en-Bière

The Château de Fleury-en-Bière was built from brick and stone rubble and brick which are reserved for common and the wall of the forecourt. It is characterized by a main building doubled, raised an attic and flanked by a new round tower at the south-west corner. Clad in brick, the facade is embellished with stones bands of sandstone, which emphasize the rhythm of the bays. The north wing dates from 1553 and was raised by the son of the architect, Simon Guillain and Jean Saulvaige. It houses two superimposed galleries joining an old square corner tower. His front yard was invented from the courtyard of the Château de Fontainebleau. The building has also been expanded with a new main building. The facade on the courtyard was awarded a staircase-shaped horseshoe leaving among others a free surface in the Castle. From the front door of the Castle, the sumptuous architectures differ from the court that close on the side of the street by a monumental wall. At the bottom and to the right stands the magnificent Romanesque chapel became a parish church. The chapel houses paintings by Nicolo dell’Abate who worked at Fontainebleau.



History of the Château de Fleury-en-Bière

The Château de Fleury-en-Bière was built in the sixteenth century. In 1552, Chancellor Henry II, Cosme Clausse already owned the Château de Fleury Beer and takes possession Courances. He later left a legacy to his younger son who left his debt on the existing fleet. Cosme opt immediately for the reconstruction of the old castle and put the work into the hands of master mason Gilles Le Breton. The goal was to build two buildings shaped bracket. The first house is characterized three-fifths of the present castle. In 1770 Jérôme Argouges which became the new owner of the domain decides to redevelop and modernize. Then between 1910 and 1914, the Countess of Béhague asked the architect Rahir rehabilitate the Castle. The Château de Fleury-en-Bière Date 1620s. The notary and secretary to the king, Claude I Gallard, a very wealthy man decided to destroy completely the old Castle and built a new castle reflecting architectures Louis XIII style. He also ensured that it amply demonstrates his wealth. The castle contains the fingerprints of two women in her family especially the park, “the ladies Courances.” Then the area was handed over to the hands of the family of Nicolay. Thereafter, the castle was bought by Samuel Haber in 1872. He then appealed to the architect Destaileurs to rebuild the area. The park meanwhile was restored by Jean Baptiste Chaussards to year 1769. During World War II, the castle has been converted into a military hospital.



Key Events Castle Fleury-en-Bière

The Château de Fleury-en-Bière been a classification as historical monuments since December 17, 1947 for its fleet, its roof and common. Facades and roofs were a common rank order of October 5, 1951. This chateau has received illustrious figures such as Henry IV, Sully, La Grande Mademoiselle and the Duchess of Berry.



Visit Château de Fleury-en-Bière

The Château de Fleury-en-Bière is open to the public for visits only during Heritage Days. Visiting the park lets you enjoy a nice large space. This is complemented by a channel 800 meters long and several lanes ideal for walking field trips between families.

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