Private chauffeured car transfer and visit the Castle Combreux

Combreux Castle is in the town of Tournan-en-Brie. It is located in the department of Seine-et-Marne. It is located in the middle of a huge park where visitors can enjoy a nice walk and breathe fresh air.



Description Castle Combreux

Combreux Castle was built on a simple plan but with charming aspects and a very large extended. On one hand, it dominates the park which features more than 160 acres and on the other hand, it has the advantage of a beautiful valley. The park is crossed by the river that runs through Tournan and services a very large bathroom. It is through the waterfall that happens to supply a mill turn and then discarded in the shallows of Vilgenard, town Presles. It has an authentic farmhouse Brie. It certainly dates from the seventeenth century with some already older partial. It was constructed using a square architecture which is characterized by an input shaft to which a side door is located. This well is currently kept in very good condition and is equipped with a water pump. The greater wing of the castle is surrounded by several buildings that are used for agriculture. They are all protected by very strong frames. The barn has so far maintained an amazing structure that dates back several years. Previously, the farm housed a mill is not currently.



History of Castle Combreux

The first Castle Combreux was first designated in the twelfth century was owned by Gervais Combreux. Currently the initial Castle has left more debris. For cons, the present castle was built from the year 1770 in honor of Louis de Jaucourt. The latter was the first gentleman of the Prince of Conde. The Marquis de Jaucourt who was his son, was the mayor of Presles and both deputy for Seine-et-Marne Castle had a place where was kept the many regiments that served as his personal guard. His political occupation was marked by the restoration of the Castle throughout which he organized lavish ceremonies. The Marquis de Jaucourt is practiced agriculture and breeding a flock of merino. The latter is characterized by sheep breeds which originate bred specifically for their wool Spain. Merino were highly admired by the Marquis guests with their beauty. In 1852, the Marquis de Jaucourt died at Castle thereafter, beneficiaries had sold the field to Jules François Hennecart, MP come.



The occupants of the Castle Combreux

In 1896, the castle was given to the Sisters of Saint Vincent de Paul with a view to create a retirement home for nuns. From 1915 until 1930, the nursing home is replaced, the former adjoining farm, the first orphanage for girls. From 1931 to 1940, he became orphanage for boys transferred from the Orphanage Vaugirard. From 1939 to 1939 Combreux hosts St. Joseph School Matzenheim who fled Alsace to the German army. In 1940, the institution welcomes non-orphans, but from large families or those with social disorders. In 1950, the area receives a small workshop under the direction of Father Constant. In the early 1960s, are open a college and a school in the Castle. The school, lack of religious and not approved by the state teachers, closes its doors forever in 1984. Since 1998, the castle was built to collect social residence Ozanam bringing home to many young workers. An emergency shelter, a shelter and social as well as a micro-nursery rehabilitation. It can accommodate up to 112 teenagers between 18 and 25 who have professional goals.

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