Private shuttle transport to Château de Guermantes


The Château de Guermantes is located in the town of Guermantes in Seine-sur-Marne, Ile-de-France. The area is about 30 minutes from Paris and Roissy Charles de Gaulle. It contains an art of French living quite remarkable. It is now closed to the public and reserved for seminars.



Description of castle Guermantes

Built in a classical architecture, the Château de Guermantes also known under the name of “the beautiful useless” was decorated by Robert de Cotte, who was the chief architect of the king. He chose to play the ornaments of the Hall of Mirrors in order to achieve the palate. It welcomes you with all the shards of the Enlightenment. The property houses 66 rooms and several lounges, but also several meeting rooms carefully arranged and all the daylight. Outside the castle, the area of ​​Guermantes is also in possession of many common, a dovecote and a large set of farm buildings which are in direct dependence with castle. The walls of the room Violle pavilions surrounding the castle are remarkably ornate and stored since 1633. The room in the Italian rotunda and its paintings date from 1645.



History of the Château de Guermantes

The stronghold of Guermantes had belonged to the Viola family since the mid-sixteenth century. The first work of building the castle Guermantes was undertaken by Claude Viola ordinary teacher in the room counts. This had involved building up the body of main body and two side wings which was covered by all of the frames in the French home. Then in 1633, Pierre Viola speaker of Paris and notorious rebellious gets a wedding gift the field as well as the Château de Guermantes. He then continued the construction of the castle and named as “Lord of Guermantes onetime The Way.” Thus the two-storey houses with attic dislocated were rebuilt. In 1698, the castle and its lands were purchased by Paulin was Laying the Receiver General Finance Lyon and great audiencier of France and a member of the Chancery. In 1713, he was appointed President of the Court of counts and was known under the name of Guermantes Laying. He uses several architects to develop the Castle in a modern style. The input was œuvrée by Jules Hardouin-Mansart, the stairs inside by Pierre Cotte. The decoration of the gallery of the chapel and the facades of the Castle by cons has been worked by Perrault. The park meanwhile was arranged by André Le Nôtre. Towards the end of November 1719, the area was under the possession of the Scottish financier John Law. The Château de Guermantes was in the hands of several owners who have succeeded before being requisitioned by the German army during World War II.



The milestones Castle Guermantes

The Château de Guermantes was bought in 2008 and redevelopment have begun to make an international seminar center



Musts of Château de Guermantes

The Château de Guermantes is a attractive site for tourists during a visit in the town of Guermantes. For meetings of importance or your steering committees as well as your international teams management training, the Château offers a comfortable and beautiful spaces you select. To entertain you, outside of the house, various activities are suggested. They are all deployed in an environment that has been designed by Le Nôtre. You could do archery, volleyball or football, but also bowls and countless entertainment.

To admire from outside the castle Guermantes, tourists can call transfer service. It is for this reason that our company offers a wide choice of means of transport in order to facilitate travel. In fact, during your booking, you have the choice between collective shuttle, private car and VIP luxury car. A skilled driver will accompany you during the course.

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