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History and visit the Rue de l’Évangile in Paris

Rue de l’Évangile is a Parisian way that is in the district  of ​​the Chapelle. With a length of 910m and 18m wide, it is part of the 18th arrondissement. It begins at 44 rue de Torcy, cross the square Hebert and ends at 44 rue d’Aubervilliers.

It was the meeting of two streets that gave birth to this street. The first was on the north side, from the place until Hébert Street Aubervilliers contemporary. Before 1868, this street is named the Way of the Cross of the Évangile of the Cross in memory of the Évangile. The second, on the south side, left the place in Torcy Hebert instead. It was named in 1655 Chemin de la Flache, changed in 1704 in the Flache street and street Aubervilliers in 1842.

The street was established on 23 May 1863. She summoned Rue de l’Évangile April 2, 1868. It owes its name to the Cross of the Évangile which is the last cross the intersection of Paris. The cross was marked on the map of the land of St. Denis in France and the parishes of Évangile Loriot and Charles Inselin. Roussel also indicated on the plan in 1730. During the Revolution, it was destroyed. Joseph Hirth the rebuilt in 1808. In 1859, it was stated in terms of Lefebvre.

Some writers speak of the Rue de l’Évangile in their works. Marcel Ayme described it in his novel 1938. Jules Romains and Alexandre Arnoux also spoke at one of their novels.

Transfer to the Rue de l’Évangile in Paris
Rue de l’Évangile is 26.3 km from Orly Airport, 23.8 miles from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 85.3 km from the airport of Beauvais.


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