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History and visit of the Quai de Bourbon in Paris
Located in the 4th district, the pier Bourdon is in the neighborhood of Notre-Dame. It is bounded on the north by St. Marie De bridge and on the south by the St. John of St. Louis Bridge. It is located along the Seine on the Ile Saint-Louis. The Quai de Bourbon extends over a length of 367 m and a width of 8 m. If we look at history, the platform had already existed 400 years since its creation rather dated 1614. The work lasted for more than 50 years. The name of the monument comes from a reigning royal family of Bourbon once. Shortly after its construction, the Quai de Bourbon had changed its name. He was named "dock of the Republic" for over 14 years. Following a decree dated April 27, 1814, it was decided that the monument covers its former name, ie "Quai de Bourbon." Monument and kept that name until now.

Throughout the dock, you can discover countless buildings from different eras. There is a house built in 1940, it was once the home of attorney Chatelet. We also discover a former cabaret built in 1794, the owner Cecile Renault was guillotined after an assassination attempt against Robespierre. At number 3, we can find a shop decorated according to the style of Louis XV, formerly, this shop was owned by a grocer. Currently, all products that were exposed once there are now exposed in New York, the Metropolitan Museum.

Many visitors from around the world come every year to admire its unique works of art. The dock also houses the old alley cows. You can also discover the famous "Hotel Charron" Hotel was formerly the workplace of the Belgian sculptor and writer Yvonne Serruys husband Pierre Mille in 1912. A few years later, when the couple left the scene, the painter Emile Bernard had settled there. On 4 July 1988 the hotel became the Cartwrights officially a protected historical monuments.

The wharf is home to other hotels like the hotel Jassaud it was between 1988-1913 Workshop sculptor Camille Claudel, she worked on the ground floor. Later, the famous French novelist Maurice Maindron, author capes and swords books was appropriate building. We also discover the Hotel Duke Hotel Nervers and Roualle of Boisgelins. Each building has a number of their location along the quay. One of the last buildings numbered 53 between 1893 to 1908 was the residence of the famous American poet Stuart Merrill.

Many tourists enjoy this place because of its beautiful view of the Seine. The Quai de Bourbon is also very popular with all the buildings that are there, dating back several centuries for some. Among them, there are many who were become historical monuments and enjoy worldwide protection for most visitors, the Quai de Bourbon is the perfect place to be quiet and enjoy a comfortable rest. There is even say that it is one of the most beautiful places in the city of Paris.

Shuttle and taxi transfer  to the dock Bourdon in Paris
The pier Bourdon is 19 km from Orly Airport, 32 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 99 km from Beauvais Airport.

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