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History and visit the rue François-Miron in Paris

Rue François-Miron is a Parisian street in the 4th district. It is located between the Place Saint-Gervais and the Rue de Rivoli and Rue de Fourcy. Large, it is 385m long. Any street width was set at 10m by a ministerial decision of 13 Thermidor Year V. It was extended to 26 m 4 mars1836 by a royal decree. She was formerly a portion of the rue Saint-Antoine. This is the shortening of the latter made in 1865 which gave birth to the street. It took its name from François Miron who was a provost of Paris in the sixteenth century.

In the eighteenth century, Roman and Merovingian burial was in the No. 2 and No. 14 rue François-Miron. Many buildings are made at the beginning of the Middle Ages through the church of Saint-Gervais-Saint-Protais. The latter was part of the street between the Place Saint-Gervais and street rods. For the safety of buildings, a wall was erected on the right bank of the tenth century. A gate called Baudoyer door was installed, although it did not last more than two centuries. This portion of the street bore different names in the twelfth century, it was named rue du Cimetière Saint-Gervais, then changed into street Perimeter-Saint-Gervais in the sixteenth century. Until 1838, it kept the name of the street Monceau-Saint-Gervais. Similarly, the section of the road that crosses the streets of bars and street Fourcy took the name of Saint-Antoine Street in the thirteenth century.

This Parisian street has remarkable sites such as buildings dating from the seventeenth century built by Jacques Gabriel at No. 2 to No. 14, the house where the Couperin family at No. 4, two specific houses No. 11 and No. 13 who kept a medieval structure.

Transfer to the rue François-Miron in Paris
François-Miron street in Paris is 19 km from Orly airport, 38 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle and 104 km from Beauvais Airport


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