History of the Church of St. Severin in Paris

History and visit the Church of St. Severin in Paris

The Church of St. Severin is one that celebrates the worship Roman Catholic parish church there. It is attached to the Archdiocese of Paris. The construction of this church is made between the 13th and 15th centuries. It is placed in the neighborhood of the Sorbonne, which is the Latin Quarter of Paris. It is made by André Lefebvre square, the cloister and the parish rectory-house. The enclosure is bordered by the Rue Saint-Jacques, the Rue Saint-Severin and street Priests St. Severin. It is built in a Gothic style. It is classified as a historic monument since 1862.

The Church of St. Severin is built on the spot where the saint prayed religious Severin. At the time it was a basilica was this place, but destroyed by the Vikings in the 11th century. Reconstructions were started in the 13th century. It has the oldest bell in Paris cast in 1412 and is named Macée. Part of the church was destroyed by fire in 1448. The top of the tower of the church was completed in 1487, while the construction of the side chapels of the nave was made between 1498 and 1520. Marble ornamentation were funded by the Duchess Anne de Montpensier and produced by Jean Baptiste Tuby. It has a church catacomb and Issac Coustin a Knight of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem was buried. Three columns of the cemetery were removed to build the Chapel of the Communion oval shaped. The wrought iron craftsman Pierre Boulanger realized the gate Saint-Martin and the door that opens onto the garden cemetery.

The Church of St. Severin is characterized by the Gothic 19th-century stained glass and stained glass with the Tree of Jesse. The gallery that surrounds the choir of this church has ten pairs of columns shaped palm. This part of the church has a unique column that is twisted. The nave of the church is decorated with stained glass windows dating from the 19th century. It measures 17 meters high and is shaped like a parallelogram. The nave has 8 columns and has no transept. This church is very rich in stained glass. It has Gothic windows, stained glass windows dating from the 19th and 20th century. Among the Gothic windows include the rose on the west facade, the representation of St. Peter and St. John the Baptist on the north side and the representation of saints at the bottom of the church.

The windows that are on the windows of the ground floor from the 19th century while the windows with the seven sacraments dating 20th century. These windows were commissioned by the Reverend Ponsar Alain Jean Bazaine. They were established in 1970 in the ambulatory of the church building. The organ in the church was inaugurated in 1963 was conducted by Alferd Kern. Its buffet is listed as a historic monument since 1905.L church has several exceptional ornamental details such as gargoyles, painting the side door and sculptures. The church is open every day of the week and during some holidays. It is accessible for the disabled.

Transfer to the Church of St. Severin in Paris
The Church of St. Severin is located at a distance of 18.4 km from Orly Airport, 31 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 101 km from Beauvais Airport.

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