Private chauffeured car to Louvre Palace in Paris

At the beginning of its construction by King Philip Augustus in 1190, the Louvre was a fortress that was in the courtyard today. In 1546, the castle was built into a luxurious residence. In 1594, he was connected to the Tuileries by Henri IV and transformed into a museum. Collections of paintings and art objects started at the time of the monarchy. These are the royal families occupying the Louvre who assembled various works. Francis I even opted for a picture gallery of easel paintings. Then in 1793, the museum is transformed and opened to take the name “Central Museum of Arts of the Republic.” During 1800 and 1806, the palace was emptied of all people who lived in the apartments in order to avoid the risk of fire. Under the reindeer Charles X, the museum has been divided into several exhibitions that were painted ceiling with drawings referring to countries where the works are from rooms. The museum had its early medieval sculpture in 1850. The First World War had no impact on the castle and this time the tables were transferred to secret locations.

The Louvre is localized in the center of Paris between the right edge of the Seine River and the Rue de Rivoli. This is one of the largest museums in the world with 60,600 of its surface are used for many galleries.
The Louvre is a museum displaying various art editions evoking different eras of civilization. The museum has more than 445 000 pieces, by providing visitors 35,000 pieces of art galleries and 140,000 for graphic works. It features an art gallery and départagée by various departments that can be visited archaeological objects. In these departments are allocated temporary arts each specific masterpieces represent. Most collections are spread over several floors of the museum, some of which on the mezzanine, others in the basement and the first floor also. All departments are decorated with paintings to mark the origins of the arts are exhibited. Arts museum are of a different nature which is decorated with paintings, sculptures, drawings and archaeological and ceramic objects.
The events marking the Louvre Palace
A considerable part of the collection of paintings was collected from those who were in the museum of Luxembourg at the beginning of the Third Republic. The structures were built in the hall built by Napoleon III and opened in 1886. As a result of extensive research, objects also joined the collection to enrich galleries. Traces of Thinite time and first lines of the pharaohs have been discovered during research. Between 1861 and 1866 years, renovations were made by Napoleon III to re-set parts of the galleries that have collapsed. The Treaty of Tolentino on 19 February 1797 and the Treaty of Campo Formio, October 18, 1797 allowed the museum acquired several famous works. In 2010, the Louvre has 8.5 million visitors.
Tours of the Louvre
The Louvre is a museum that can be visited by everyone. You could explore the Department of Oriental Antiquities characterized by three classified according to cultural and geographical criteria exhibitions. Do not miss a visit to the department of Islamic art combining the wonders of Islamic art. The department retains the ancient Egyptian against Egyptian Museum. In addition, the department of sculpture, the art department and the department of painting objects you will discover the works of famous artists.
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The Louvre Palace is 20.2 miles from Orly Airport, 89.8 miles from Beauvais Tille Airport and 27.1 km from Charles de Gaulle airport.

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