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History and visit the Gallery Veronique Dodat in Paris
The Vero-Dodat rue Jean Jacques Gallery begins and ends in the street Bouloi in Les Halles in the 1st arrondissement. It measures a length of 80 meters and a width of 4 meters and received the privilege of classification under monument of history in 1965. It was created in 1826, is a walkway, typical real estate transactions of the Restoration, inspired by the theme of trade and luxury since the materials are carefully chosen for their brilliance and opulence. The paved a checkered black and white marble with a ceiling of low-lying ground: painted a landscape with déessess of antiquity, all illuminated with light spheres. This passage offered an interesting shortcut between two streets raised, very popular with the public. This successful transition originates travelers waiting for their departure and took the opportunity to stroll through the fashion stores.

Aubert, the printer there was also something to sell its famous newspaper "Le Charivari" and "Caricature," he drew a double line of curious on the front of the store, especially during the early stages of a government . And this does not let the butcher Benedict Vero and financial Dodat indifferent as they were able to take this financial opportunity to make money by creating gallery Vero-Dodat, following the two names of the partners. The gallery is located on the site of the Hotel owned by Antoine de Dreux Aubay who was poisoned by his own daughter, and the hotel was bought by the two investors, they have still managed to keep their bet. She knew without a runaway success of its opening in 1862 because it was one of the first places to be lighted with gas at the time.

The Vero-Dodat gallery where this has become one of the most attractive and has a great Paris attractions visitors the elegance of its architecture. The gallery has been restored in 1997 with an original appearance, it is with good cafes, contemporary art galleries and antique shops decoration or furnishings. Specialty shops in antique dolls, the Vero-Dodat restaurant itself, the brewery, the Workshop shoemaker Christian Lauboutin who received the privilege to put on celebrities such as Tina Turner, Catherine Deneuve and other celebrities. The gallery has a very beautiful interior.

The restaurant is like a niche in the middle of the passage of the gallery of paintings and jewelery, it has a few tables with a view to the outside. There is a formula for affordable pressed or outgoing office at noon with a quick preparation. Lovers in search of a discrete space for a romantic dinner may find their account in an amount only floor. The atmosphere is unique with tablecloths and flowers vintage style tables, a cramped room with excellent menu. The restaurant specializes in French cuisine by the master of the kitchen this a bold and inventive with the terrine of confit pork taste as leader, he also has a bar and a pleasant garden.

Transfer shuttle taxi to the Vero-Dodat Gallery in Paris
The Vero-Dodat Gallery is located at a distance of 24 km from Orly Airport and 28.714 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 60 kilometers from the airport of Beauvais.

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