How to get from Charles de Gaulle airport to Auteuil area in Paris ?



Auteuil is a village in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. This charming neighborhood in the west of Paris where Mauriac lived has some hidden gems worth a visit like the Boileau de Boulogne, Villa Montmorency, Roland Garos tenis stadium, Jardin des poètes…. If you are planning a national or an international travel, and you’d like to book a hotel in this area, you can hire our private airport service. There are of course public transportation from CDG airport to Auteuil area, but if comfort, calm and security are important for you, our hassle-free and reliable means of transport is a choice to be considered.

You can book on line your trip with us according to your requirements. The waiting time, the luggage, the airport parking, the tolls along the route are all comprised in the flat price. So, even if your plane is late or delayed, you pay the same price and your luxurious vehicle is travelling exclusively for you, with your small family up to 5 persons, or with your business partner …without stops to your destination in Paris. But in this article, we give a few descriptions of the upmarket and mid-range hotels where you can stay during your trip in this area.


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