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History and visit the Church of the Val-de-Grâce in Paris

The Church of the Val-de-Grâce in Paris is located on the Place Alphonse Laveran in the 5th district. It is remarkable for its classic baroque style. It was originally designed for the royal abbey of Val-de-Grâce.Elle is attached to the Diocese of the French Army. The School of Val-de-Grace was the School of Application of Military Health Service, the Museum of Army Health Service and the Central Library of the Medical Service of the armed currently stand in the priory. On his former vegetable stands the Teaching Hospital of Armed Val-de-Grace.

Historically, the construction of the Church of the Val-de-Grace was a wish of Queen Anne of Austria. She often visited the convents of Paris and its surroundings. She asked for a seat at the Priory Abbey Marguerite Veny Arbouse during his visit to the Priory of Val-de-Grace Bièvres’ s. The abbey was built in 1621 to replace the former Hotel du Petit-Bourbon.En 1622, the queen lost her child and was gradually abandoned by her husband, King Louis XIII. She then retired to the Val-de-Grace monastery known for its special devotion to the Nativity. In 1636, construction of the abbey was not over yet as Louis XIII became increasingly unattractive to his queen. Although he forbade him to attend the Val-de-Grace, Anne of Austria became pregnant sometime later. The future Louis XIV, the Dauphin Louis-Dieudonné was born September 5, 1638.

Louis XIII died May 14, 1643. Anne of Austria became queen regent and worked with Cardinal Mazarin minister. She threw thereby to build a magnificent temple to give thanks to God for having given him a fils.Elle acquired a mansion and built a few buildings. In 1645, she went to the convent of Val-de-Grâce a palace and a church built on the plans of the architect François Mansart.Le high cost of work caused the dismissal of Mansart in 1646. He was successively replaced by architects Jacques Lemercier, Peter Gabriel and The Mute Duke. Only the construction of the church followed the plans Mansart. It was completed in 1667.

The Church of the Val-de-Grace in the form of a Latin cross. It has a dome that is visible from the square. Pierre Mignard was the decoration of the dome while the canopy was designed by Gabriel Le Duc drawing of St. Peter’s Church in Rome. It is the image of a majestic crib in which you can see three figures: the image of the Child Jesus lying in a manger, the image of the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph in position of prayer and devout. Michel Anguier undertook other sculptures such as the descent from the cross before the altar.

The architecture of this building is on two floors, an input-stage gate, shaped as an input of a castle. The triangular pediment and two fins features two levels are supported by paired columns. The facade is the same as that of the church Feuillant, built in the seventeenth century by François Mansart. Six columns and four columns of the porch and the horizontal lines crisscross. The vault of the nave is barrel to penetrating eye. On the front porch is engraved dedication "A newborn Jesus and the Virgin Mother." It is the symbol of the consecration of the church of Nativity.

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The Church of the Val-de-Grace is located 15.1 kilometers from Orly Airport, 34.6 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 97 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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