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History and activities in La Garenne-Colombes

The history of the city dates back to the manor. In the thirteenth century, this destination has been mentioned as a fief of the abbey of Saint-Denis. Previously, the name of the town was the Petit Bois Colombes. The name has changed from the seventeenth century and becomes La Garenne-Colombes. Around the year 1790, the city of La Garenne-Colombes power was transferred to the administration of national property. The first major buildings in the city date back to the year 1866. At this time, the church was founded in the heart of the city. The latter was built as an independent destination as May 02, 1910.


Tourism and visits to La Garenne-Colombes

In the city of La Garenne-Colombes, tourists have many remarkable sites to discover. Visitors can in this case to use a guide or take a guidebook to see the streets of the city. The Wallace Fountain is a monument worth seeing in the city. It was founded in the twentieth century. It was Councilman William Joany who gave this fountain to the city. This fountain decorates the gardens of the Hotel de Ville of 1973. In addition to the fountain, the Church of La Garenne-Colombes is also seen. It is a religious building with an exceptional interior and original architecture.

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Transfer from La Garenne-Colombes to Paris airports

The city of La Garenne-Colombes is located 1 km from Courbevoie and 8 km from Paris. The area is 21.7 km from Orly Airport and 25.4 of the airport Charles de Gaulle.

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