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History and visit the Rue de Turenne in Paris

Third arrondissement Paris: Rue de Turenne (anc. Rue Saint-Louis). This street derives from the union of St. Louis Street in the Third and the Fourth District in the Sewer. The latter was coupled in 1865 Rue Saint-Louis de Turenne was known from 1806 to 1824.Turenne in memory of Marshal Turenne (1611-1675) who lived in the Rue Saint-Louis. Dating from the seventeenth century is one of the most beautiful streets of the capital. Built on part of the garden Tournelles, she was formerly inhabited by the nobility and the judiciary are built grand hotels

From No. 66 to No. 70 Rue de Turenne M.le Vasseur 1620.S built a hotel, there succeeded the Duke of Bouillon, his son Marshal Turenne, Vauban, La Bruyère. On the death of Turenne, the hotel was offered to the Duchess d'Aiguillon by Cardinal de Bouillon. The Duchess moved to the Benedictines of the Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The convent was closed during the Revolution and under the Restoration to the Franciscans succeeded. This building was demolished in 1826 and the clergy in the nineteenth century built the church of Saint-Denis du Saint Sacrement.

No. 62 in the old building hotel Brunet Rancy was given to the nuns of St. Elizabeth who has joined their house (No. 60). The No. 60 Grand old hotel Huntsman was the home of Saint Elizabeth Franciscan from 1823 to 1901. It is always possible to see the attributes of Grand Huntsman on the front, yard, etc .... The No. 65 this hotel has retained a beautiful wrought iron staircase and beautiful decorations.

Several hotels are still visible and show several architectural patterns that have survived the centuries, whether by facades, porch, courtyard, garden fountains.
Note two beautiful fountains: Fountain Boucherat (place de Gouges) Fountain Happy

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Rue de Turenne is located 19 km from Orly airport, 27 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 99 km from Beauvais Airport


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