Shuttle transfer Hôtel Best Western Bretagne Montparnasse to Paris airports


Stay and visit to the Best Western Bretagne Montparnasse in Paris
Located in a belemplacement, Best Western Bretagne Montparnasse is one of the four star hotels most distinguished of the capital. It is located exactly on the 33 Rue Raymond Losserand or near the Montparnasse Tower. This area is in the 14th arrondissement.
During booking, all personal data will be completely secure. The hotel guarantees the best price among all other hotels in the capital. Belonging to the Best Western chain, the hotel has 45 spacious rooms, with five types of housing, so that the customer have what is needed. Classically decorated rooms are equipped with air conditioning, mini-fridge, coffee maker (with coffee), a free internet, a flat-screen TV equipped with several programs and a docking station for iPod. They also have a bathroom with a hairdryer.
All services offered in the hotel are made by an able and amiable staff. They are willing to deal with customers as needed, so that they feel at ease during their stay. All practices are services available at the hotel. At the reception, which is open at any time, there is a bicycle hire service. Ill be nice to do a bike ride in the neighborhood. The breakfast offered by the hotel every morning is a buffet. It is possible to take in the dining room or in the hotel room, the service is provided by qualified personnel.
Due to its location, movement in other places is much easier. Indeed, the metro station is the nearest Montparnasse. It is located only 10 minutes walk from where the hotel is located. 300 meters is also Pernety Metro station, allowing easy access to the Champs-Elysées. Otherwise, in the vicinity of the hotel, there are many interesting tourist places.

Shuttle Best Western Bretagne Montparnasse in Paris
Orly Airport is located 14.6 km from the hotel which is 18minutes away. There are 38.7 km if part of the Charles de Gaulle airport and the journey is made in 38 minutes. The distance from Paris Beauvais airport and the hotel is 97.4 miles from the station for a period of 1 hour 17minutes drive.


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