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History and activities Taverny

The city name comes from the Latin meaning Taberna cabin or shop. The suffix-acum means a domain. The history of the city dates back to Taverny prehistoric times. According to archaeological excavations, the human settlements in the city dates from the Palaeolithic, Mousterian of carved stones are remnants of that era. The inhabitants of the city were Taverny specializing in vineyard plantings. Indeed, to the seventeenth century, the wine was sold in small classes like those of Paris. To the years 1806 and 1821, two villages were merged with Saint-Leu and Taverny, in order to form one city. The railway appears in this region in the late nineteenth century. It is the same for the development of transport.


Tourism and visits Taverny

The main existing monument in the city of Taverny is Notre-Dame-de-Assomtion. This church was built in the first half of the thirteenth century and restored in the nineteenth century. She was listed as a historical monument in 1848. Besides the historical monuments, the city is defined by various sights remarkable. Castles to be found in this region include Chateau La Tuyolle of 1860 and the Haut-Tertre seventeenth century belonged to Augustus Godard. Two beautiful chapels are also Taverny visit include: the Chapel of Rohan-Chabot nineteenth century neo-Gothic and the Notre-Dame-des-Champs. A walk to the passage of Memorial is also ideal.

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Transfer from the Paris airports to Taverny

Taverny City is 4 km from Franconville and 19km from Paris. This destination is 23.6 km from Charles-de-Gaulle airport, 49.8 km from Orly Airport and 65.2 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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