Shuttle transportation from Aigleville to Charles de Gaulle airport


Aigleville history and activity.

Aigleville is a town situated in the Eure department and region of Haute-Normandie. Its name comes from the discovery of an eagle's nest in the park of a castle. Built in the eleventh century, the castle took the name of the eagle. The castle has now disappeared, but the name Aigleville survived.


Tourism and visit Aigleville.

The city is Aigleville offers a guided tour or a guided tour. Indeed, tourists have the opportunity to admire the narrow streets of the city, the various buildings characterized by conventional architectures. A passage to the Church is also ideal. You can better know the history of the city while visiting the church and the collections it retains.

Our company will transfer your movement within the city. A reservation with our sign for your vehicle ensuring you travel in the city and surrounding is strongly recommended. Thus, you can choose between three types of car comfort with upgraded equipment, including: private car, luxury car VIP shuttle and collective. You have at your disposal a private driver for your travels around the city, around the city and even at the airport.


Transfer from Aigleville to Paris airports.

The city Aigleville is 69 km from Paris and 107 km from Le Havre. This destination is located 96km from the airport Paris Charles de Gaul Airport 93km to Paris Beauvais Tille, 90 km from Paris Orly.

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