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History and visit the district  Plaisance in Paris

The area of Plaisance is in the 14th district of the French capital. This is the 56th administrative district of the city of Paris. It has a density of 32,000 inhabitants per square km and extends over an area of ​​1,785 square kilometers. It is bounded by the Boulevard Brune, Vercingetorix the street, avenue de Maine and around the station Paris Montparnasse. The street that runs Alesia neighborhood. It is so named because many assumptions such as the existence of a large number of places of pleasure or the name of a castle that was there. It was attached to the municipalities of Vanves and Vaugirard.

The Plaisance district has experienced urbanization since 1830. Urbanization was the initiative of several speculators in the area. Work started on the road to Maine monitoring the implementation of a railway which connected Paris and Versailles in 1840. Of housing blocks were built Road Vanves former chemin du Moulin du Beurre. There was even an extension of the district to Montrouge. It was an area for relaxation. Alexander Chauvelet was  original from  village of Plaisance and the village of Thermopylae.

The district  of Plaisance is a commercial and residential area. It has a lot of charm and uniqueness with these buildings built in projects of Baron Haussmann. It has workshops of artists, cobbled streets. It is a quiet place, because it is not used by vehicles.

Transfer to the district Plaisance in Paris
The area of Plaisance in Paris is at a distance of 16 km from Orly Airport, 34.5 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 94.2 km from the airport of Beauvais.


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