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The Montceaux Castle is a fortress which was in the town of Montceaux -les- Meaux. This area has now left the remains had a remarkable history during its existence. Currently, the castle Montceaux represents only ruins are witnesses of various historical events that had crossed. It was the pride of Montceaux -les- Meaux him before much of its prestige.


Description Castle Montceaux

Initially, the castle Montceaux was characterized by a main building consists of several corner pavilions , a wing with an impressive hall and built of stone and brick chapel. It was a square made ​​up of four main buildings surrounded by douvelles . Currently , the area is a stronghold of rebirth represents only some ruins in the center of the green. On the steps of the central island is still the main gate of the courtyard is characterized by some parts of curtain walls and railings . However, a corner house has been well preserved and is unaltered . Initially, the wings were two and were on the right side of the entrance . A large main building common to be partially demolished also built on the ruins of the castle. With the remains , the area also retains a chapel and buildings of the forecourt arranged mansion . The eastern part of the castle is modified against a farm . The park called " Castle Park Montceaux " also reflects the existence of the domain.


History of  Montceaux  Castle

Castle Montceaux or also known as the " Castle of Queens " was built by a wealthy banker to the early fifteenth century . It was one of the most important of the sovereignty of France in the XV and XVI centuries places. At the beginning , in 1520 the castle was Jean Laguette the first building built on the fief by Saligaut family. In 1531 , he became the possession of Jean Laguette , notary and secretary of the king decided to build the castle Montceaux to year 1544 . In 1546 , he appealed to the master mason Pierre Desilsles to raise " an old hostel bodies" of the castle which was built by Saligaut . Then in 1555 , the estate was sold to Henry II, who made ​​a gift to his mother Catherine de Medici. By becoming the owner of the house , she told the architect Philibert Delorme completion of construction of the main building . In 1596 , the castle has been a gift Henri IV made ​​his mistress Gabrielle d’ Estrées . It was then embellished by Jacques II of Androuet Hoop who participated in the construction of the Pont Neuf and the Grand Gallery of the Louvre in Paris . Later, the castle became the property of the Queen Marie de Medici. During the French Revolution, the area remains uninhabited and gradually deteriorated from the year 1799 .


 The milestones  Montceaux Castle

As of the date of Catherine de Medici was in possession of the castle , historical events marked the area including approval body of troops of the King with the promoters of the League. In 1799 , the castle was captured to become national property and then started to be débâti in 1799.


Visit Castle Montceaux

Castle Montceaux is open to the public from 11am to 18h during the " go to the garden," the " Heritage Days " and " Monticelloises ." It can also visit all the months of July and every Monday in June , August and September. Walks in the upper part of the park and the ruins are against limited. For your group tours and school visits can also be by appointment only.

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Private car transfer between the Castle Montceaux and Paris airports

Castle Montceaux is located 429 km from the city of Paris . This building is 411 miles from Orly Airport 452 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 517 km from Paris Beauvais airport .

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