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The Museum of Romantic Life is part of the district of New Athens , in the 9th arrondissement of Paris . It is located in the hotel Scheffer -Renan , a mansion of the nineteenth century when the original Dutch painter Ary Scheffer lived . Inaugurated in 1987 , the museum is the romantic era in a harmonious historical setting. The museum is mainly composed of Ary Scheffer, Ernest Renan and George Sand collections. It hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Except Mondays and holidays, the museum is open daily from 10 am to 18 pm . The permanent collections are available to all for free, while access to temporary exhibitions is not free. This site is served by bus lines No. 30, 67, 68 , 74, and the metro Pigalle, Blanche, Saint- Georges and Liege .

Ary Scheffer arrived in Paris in 1811. He settled in 1830 in a house in the Rue Chaptal . He built the house in front of two glass workshops , one made ​​of workshop and other office area . He used the workshop area to receive its neighbors like George Sand, Chopin and Delacroix. On the death of Ary Scheffer in 1858 , his only daughter Cornelia Scheffer – Marjolin bought the house where his father lived for nearly thirty years . With her husband , Dr. René Marjolin , she turned the workshops emergency hospital between 1870 and 1871. Sheltered workshops thereafter major paintings by Ary Scheffer. Cornelia Scheffer – Marjolin bequeathed to his death in 1899 , the works of his father Dordrecht Museum, a museum located in the hometown of the artist. The house of the Rue Chaptal was given to the grand-niece of Scheffer – Renan Naomi Psichari . The latter settled in one of the workshops a library dedicated to the works of his father, Ernest Renan . In 1956 , the house was acquired by the state in order to make a cultural institution. In 1980 , the house became a dominant cultural institution museum . In 1982, Renan – Scheffer Museum was opened in the former home of the artist. A few years later , the building was renovated under the direction of Jacques Garcia. In 1987, he took the name of Museum of Romantic Life. Dordrecht Carnavalet museums and enriched the collections of the last paintings by Ary Scheffer. The museum received the legacy of Corrie and Robert Siohan in 1991 , a series of romantic memories of Peter BIERGE in 1995 , the family archives of Ernest Renan and reference books around George Sand in 2000. In 2003 , François- Joseph Graf decorator aménagea two workshops to accommodate two temporary exhibitions per year. In 2007, the French government transferred to the city of Paris real estate property together.

The ground floor of the museum is attributed to George Sand. The everyday world of the novelist is evoked through drawings, portraits, sculptures, furniture, paintings , jewelry and objects of vertu the eighteenth and nineteenth century. These collections come from his home in Nohant in Berry, bequeathed by his granddaughter Aurore Lauth -Sand in the City of Paris in 1982. The paintings of the painter Ary Scheffer are exposed to the first floor. The tea " Tea in the Garden " is set in the winter greenhouse. It is open from 10 am to 17 pm 30 to anyone who wants to make a tasty snack .

Taxi transfer to the Museum of Romantic Life in Paris
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