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History of the town of Aubusson in Normandy

Located in the department of Orne and the Lower Normandy region, Aubusson is one of the communes of France. The town of Aubusson part, between the tenth and the twelfth century, the lordship of Gasprée. The fourteenth century, in addition to wet and cold weather settled in the city, an economic crisis, the Black Death and the Hundred Years War stopped the expansion of the settlement. Thus, in 1400, Aubusson had only 16 souls and 18 souls in 1500. For three decades, 1420, 1430 and 1440, the parish of the town was under British occupation. The sixteenth century marks the revival of Aubusson.


Tourism and visits to Aubusson

The town of Aubusson has rich monuments include the Church of St. Céneri. Besides the latter, the town has other attractions, namely steles commemorating the Battle of Normandy. You will also have the opportunity to see the memorial to veterans of the eleventh British armored division. It was built of wood and carved in one piece. Do not miss the tree of liberty planted beside the stele veterans of the eleventh division. It was planted in 1989 by veterans of the 4th Battalion King’s Shropshire Light Infantry. Not only that, you will have the satisfaction of discovering the Stele in memory of Frank Grdenich. See also the stele dedicated to Major Major Thornburn Ned Thornburn the second battalion of the King Shorpshire Light Infantry.

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Transfers from Aubusson to Paris airports

Aubusson is located 95 km from Le Havre and 212 km from Paris. It is located 268 km from Paris Beauvais airport, 302 km from Orly Airport and 307 km from Charles de Gaulle airport.


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