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History and visit the Rue Saint-Antoine in Paris

Rue Saint-Antoine is part of the 4th district of Paris. It begins at 3 place de la Bastille and ends at 2 rue de Sévigné and 16 rue de Fourcy. Integrating the main axis "east-west" of Paris, it lengthens the rue François-Miron and rue de Rivoli. Popular and attractive street is 603 m long and 21.50 m wide.

Historically, this approach leads to the Parisian abbey of Saint-Antoine-des-Champs from which it took its name. Street existed already before the construction of the abbey in 1198. It was originally named rue de la Porte Baudet of a cabinet door of King Philip Augustus, who found himself near the rue de Sévigné. Following the construction of a bridge over a drain, it is then called rue du Pont-Perrin.Elle kept the name of Saint-Antoine although the abbey was turned into a hospital in 1790.

Rue Saint-Antoine gathered a few blocks past such as Eagle Street, rue François-Miron, rue du Pont Perrin. These streets were between rue des Barres and Street Culture Sainte-Catherine. The part that situation between the street and the street of bars Fourcy was renamed rue François-Miron by the decree of October 2, 1865 ordered that the shortening of the rue Saint-Antoine.

Various festivities and kept fighting in the street. It was the scene of the battle between the Burgundians and Armagnacs, the last battle fought the British before being driven from the ville.Henri II was killed in a tournament.

Transfer to the Rue Saint-Antoine in Paris
Rue Saint-Antoine is located 20 km from Orly airport, 37 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport and 104 km from Beauvais Airport.


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