Private car transportation between street Stockholm and Paris airports


History and visit the street from Stockholm to Paris

Stockholm Street crosses the area of Europe. It is located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. This route begins at 35 rue de Rome and ends in the streets of Vienna. The construction of this road was made under a royal decree dated 24 June 1831. Stockholm Street was for Ms. Hagerman, widow of Philip Jonas Hagerman and the heirs Mignon. They were allowed to open a new route on surfaces that belong to them.

Stockholm Street was so named after the capital of Sweden "Stockholm" and its position in the heart of Europe. It measures 12 meters wide. Connections separating it from the street Rocher, Vienna and Charities. Shortly after its construction, the Stockholm street had like 377 meters long, but this dimension has been narrowed due to improvements.

The part that stood between the rue de Rome and rue d’Amsterdam was canceled due to the building of the Saint-Lazare station in 1859. The establishment of a breakthrough on the streets of Rome in 1850 also contributed to the narrowing of the length of this street. Stockholm Street is a quiet buildings characterized by a uniform appearance. It has luxury hotels.

Transfer to the streets of Stockholm to Paris
Stockholm Street is located at a distance of 18.9 km from Orly airport. The Charles de Gaulle Airport is located 28.2 km from Stockholm street while Beauvais airport locates at a distance of 83.4 km of this route.


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