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The city is not far from Paris, just forty kilometers away. It covers an area of ​​24 km², with a density of 675.66 inhabitants per km². Sentis is a tourist town. It has its own history and has a tourism potential that will not disappoint visitors : Request a car service from Paris airport to Senlis.

Stone tools and circular enclosures in the Halatte forest mark vestiges of prehistory in the territory of Sentis. Many of them have disappeared but the population tries to make visitors live its history.

Economic and industrial terms

In economic and industrial terms, the history of Sentis does not fail to mention the chicory factory, the starch mill, the cotton mill in the 1800s. There were also limestone quarries that created several jobs. German retaliation at the beginning of the First World War removed more than a hundred houses on Rue de Republique and rue Bellon, including the courthouse and the train station. Soon after, a military hospital was built at Sentis and then workers’ houses in the suburbs. It was not until 1944 that Sentis was liberated by the Americans who occupied the city during the great wars. The development of the city of Sentis is correlated with the economic development of French capital since 1980, without minimizing the Northern Highway undertaken in 1964.

The impact of the airport

Paris Airport, which has been operational since 1974, positively impacted the economic and social history of Sentis. A zone of economic activity is set up at the edge of the motorway and neighborhoods are multiplying in the suburbs leading to a demographic evolution that stagnated before the end of the great wars. Historic houses and monuments are restored since the sixties with the establishment of the Malraux law. However, the old setting of the city of Sentis has been preserved to memorize history.

Sentis has always been a garrison town before the final departure of the 41st Signal Regiment in 2009. This event changed the heart of Sentis’ history. A major redevelopment project for part of the fallow city is planned in 2010, including the construction of 22,000m² of buildings by demolishing warehouses in the barracks. To do so many historical visits will be your measure, if you use our private chauffeur service.

The framework of life

Senlis is a tourist town that offers you all year round rich and varied programs. The negatives that one could meet in Sentis during the stay of holidays or passages are minimal compared to the positive points. Indeed, there is a lot of green spaces and forests in addition to the cleanliness of the city. There are also many shops and the city center is nice to visit. If you want to take up residence, there are very good schools for your children. The lack of transport is not a problem, you can feel and still memories of small countryside. Only, we must be vigilant for small burglaries.

Other information to know about the municipality

There is the permanent presence of the police for your safety. Many are the leisure and leisure activities that await visitors, not forgetting sports and entertainment. Note that it is possible to make a return trip Paris Sentis in one day, if only to attend the festival named “Sentis makes its theater”. The municipal swimming pool is open every day of the week, where certain categories of people can access it free of charge. To blend in with the lives of Senlisians, you can meet a good little world during the weekly market that is held on Tuesday morning and Friday morning. If you have to move to Senlis with your family, we have in our fleet vehicles that can accommodate 8 people.

If there is one activity to do in Senlis, it is cycling. There are several rental services that specialize in this area. You can strut around the city and on its bike trails ! Senlisian bells. Not to mention, its revolutionary architecture. The latter is really the highlight of this monument.

The Asterix park

Inspired by the famous comic book “Asterix le Gaulois”, this park has existed since 1989. At Asterix and Obelix, visitors are transported on a journey full of adventure and laughter. We start the visit to Gaul, then to ancient Egypt, Vikings, a small passage in ancient Greece and finally we finish with the Roman Empire. Thanks to its 42 sensational attractions, everyone will have a place. You will be the new Gauls of the rebel village. Expect a day of entertainment.

The Museum of Art and Archeology of Senlis

In the old episcopal palace of the city is a museum of art and archeology. Many stories have happened to have this museum today. In 2012, the museum finally resumes its functions with the public, after long stages of renovation. These renovations are aimed mainly at a new enhancement of the collections of the archaeological committee of Senlis and that of the municipal museum. During the visit, you will admire every corner of the palace, from the basement to the floor and even the stairs. Visitors will discover the Gallo-Roman temple, rare sculptures, paintings from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century.

OzIris (park)

Without leaving the Asterix Park, a new attraction arrives. In particular, the inverted roller coaster. This name comes from the story of Iris the magician; a cartoon character “the twelve works of Asterix” who wanted to hypnotize the little mustache. OzIris settles in the Egyptian part of the park. The course reserves several inversions and a little more with the plunging looping. For fans of thrills, you will not be disappointed with the feet at 40 meters high in the air and a speed of 90 km / h. The attraction is ranked among the best roller coasters in the world.

The dungeon

It is a Romanesque architecture, located at 24 Rue Léon Fautrat. The Dungeon is also a tourist attraction that highlights the medieval tavern. A journey in time assured, because in the basement there is a huge Romanesque vaulted cellar of the twelfth century. And you will love the visit told by Laurent Thomas, the owner. You will be satisfied there. To satisfy you, we offer a car service from Paris airport.

Senlis is a northern French town in the department of Oise. It is just 15 km from Tonnerre de Zeus amusement park and 55 km from MUDO – Musée de l’Oise. For your information, the city is located 66 km from Paris-Orly Airport and just 27 km from Paris-Charles De Gaulle Airport.

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